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Shane interacts with community on Twitter

In almost a first, Shane interacted extensively with the community on Twitter a few hours ago. Shane seemed to be responding to a variety of comments posted by users from the E2 community. Some of these are captured below:-

Shane acknowledges the importance of balancing speed with the best possible execution
Ultimately he stressed the need for getting it right rather rushing things, as E2 continues to work on most things internally

Shane reiterated it will be rewarding once E2 gets it right

Shane says, he is always thinking of ways to maximize value for E2 land owners …

… even as E2 continues to works on building more tools to unleash user creativity

All the secrecy, ultimately, is towards staying ahead of the competition!

However, let's remember to have fun, and eat our cake along the way!
We found this surprise activity on Shane's twitter very refreshing, and quite assuring that E2 is following a plan. We cant wait to hear more!

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