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Shane Discord Chat - Full Transcript!

Post the announcement today where Shane provided multiple updates (see here -, he appeared for a brief chat. Below is the transcript

Shane (S): Hey everyone. Hope you're all well. LIT was completely re-written over weeks by some of our top devs creating a solution we can now use for global Essence roll out and distribution. LIT will be back online in the next 48 hrs and back dated if all goes well.

Sorry, I need to jump back to work but I miss you all and want to drop in later this week to chat

To everyone's delight Shane decides to stay back and answer some questions

User(U): " holo-buildings" this is interesting

Shane(S): At least some people read :)

U: This is good to see you here, continue your great work

S: Thank you .. but there is a lot to do right now. I wish I could say things were getting easier .. we are spending so much time strategizing on next moves as we want to get it right

U: Has anyone claimed the golden plates?

S: I do check from time to time and nobody has claimed yet

U: A small hint?

S: The hint is in the post

U: When essence will roll out?

S: If I had a secure date I would have listed it. Have written what I can share in the announcement

U: Will essence be a crypto token? If so, where will be able to buy it? Binance, Coinbase?

S: If I had details I could share right now I would have already shared them .. trust me

U: Thanks for answering I mean it I know I am a bit harsh and low-key troll but I always wanted E2 to succeed

S: It's ok - we all have our ways

U: Have you heard Lavazza is coming to Earth 2 ?

S: No, really? Well that is super cool

S: We have plans to open dialogue with NGOs via connections we have but just prepping for phase 2 first .. so many things are moving in the background you would not believe it

U: A really big question we all like to know is, How is your health Shane? Last time you posted you mentioned your health and sleep and we haven't heard much after. is it all going well?

S: Well it is a little better thank you. I have been managing to get some longer sleeps in now and saying no to meetings too far out from my general sleeping time lol .. thanks for remembering and asking !

U: We had a big talk with Republic Real Estate on the podcast and Janine Yorio and they wanted to invest in Earth2 but like you, wanted to do due diligence. I put them in touch with Thomas and am wondering if there have been any talks with them. A simple yes or no will suffice.

S: I have not heard of this yet - but I might have missed it too

U: Yes they seem very keen... I'm guessing they’d want to do a sizeable sum and diversify into E2 after their Decentraland investment

S: I actually mentioned this to one of our C level team today - I will chase up Thomas about it

U: Can you confirm P2 will be this year at least... a lot of debbie downers seem to think next year

S: OF COURSE !! Man .. we are not working like made for nothing

U: A lot of OG and believer are quitting right now, what do you have to say for theses peoples ?

S: I guess there will be stories written about them like the pizza guy .. but hey, they might want to move onto other things

U: With who must we talk about million dollar companies want to go into Earth 2 partner with our megacities ? Lavazza is coming but others are interested also. 2 days and i send you our official announcement on State 1.

S: Please connect to me via Thomas regarding these details

U: I’m highly into Mine and oil well I have seen nothing about it in announcements, mine and oil well is still in the plan ?

S: Yes

U: Thanks Zeus - I tried hard to put them in touch with the right people but it's VERY difficult

S: I have asked Thomas to provide me with the details. Our team will chase up

U: I invested in diamond mines. Was that a mistake? Not seen diamond as a resource.

S: These are only the initial resources

U: You got us all excited again @Shane . Well done!

S: More will be coming! I will try to drop in later in the week. I am late for a meeting. Take care all and hope you all have a good, safe day ahead

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