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The Blind Men and the Elephant - An E2 Parable

The test site has something new - Mentars! Apparently you need to build these Mentars on your properties to be able to collect Essence and then ultimately harvest resources. Building Mentars would require 7 visits to your account on 7 different days.

However, Mentars is a completely new term - joining the ever growing list of new things we have been introduced to recently. Which is why much of where we are - I couldn't help but think of the parable - Blind Men and the Elephant, and how it fits so well.

E-ther, Mentar, Essence, Resources, Holo-buildings and Jewels are but seemingly part of the same Elephant. What we need now is an understanding of how they all connect and work together and how does all this culminate into the blockchain integration. At the moment, it seems only the devs know how the Elephant looks like, even as the community awaits the much anticipated announcement.

Speaking of blockchain integration, while its important to plan for it at this stage and even build provisions, it will be pre-mature to launch any tradeable token. Without clear in-game utility the token runs the risk of being dumped just as we are seeing the case with Jewels (down by more than 70-80% since the day trading began). Or at the very least, the launch is accompanied by some high level details (if not the complete road-map) on how the token will be used down the line. But I highly doubt that the devs are not already aware of this, and I wouldn't bet on any tradeable crypto token associated with Earth-2 getting launched anytime soon.

Coming back to how the elephant looks like, there is some hint on the test site -

The way all this seemingly works is you first build a Mentar (which the site says is the central building for all properties) by visiting 7 times on 7 days. Mentars detect E-ther at a specified %rate which is boostable via equipped Jewels, Mentars transform E-ther into Essence which ultimately lead to Resources (wont blame you if it already sounds a bit complex). Quite some steps there.

However some more information on the ultimate utility - how essence and resources work for the gameplay, may help better appreciate the value of these (and Jewels by extension). Can't wait to see some short-covering happen on Jewels.

ZEU$ out.

But, just in - some weird shaped structures now appear on the map in the stage-2 site - are these Mentars or we have alien ships visiting E2, what do you think?

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