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Shane steps in discord to discuss all things Earth 2

Key Take-aways

  • On PvP:

    • Light version with PvP elements

    • Non-animated

    • The game loop will have representation inside E2V1

    • The idea is to give players a little something to do as we wait for E2V1

    • The game can be played casually and will work on hourly / daily loops

    • Will have Essence rewards in a 'round-about' way

  • E2V1: Has come a long way from last year, including from where last footage was released and seen by Earth2 users. Some kind of alpha access in next 6 months

  • E2V1 footage: Still mulling whether to release footage during anniversary month (Nov) or closer to token launch. Leaning more towards releasing during token launch.

  • E2RV staking: Updates today.

  • Player contracts: Will work similar to scholars, but relatively more complex and allow more freedom to chalk arrangements between land owners and land operators.

  • Token launch: No specific date to share, but would announce later and it should be within the 6 month mark.

  • Social media platform: Updates will be announced next month.

  • New Website: Worked along with R/GA to re-design landing page and content to convey better goals and vision.

  • Resources: Pushing for a staking based replication.

  • Jewels: Disappointed how jewels were structured, more utility coming starting with the PvP.

Full Transcript

It is finally Drew's real birthday and even Shane couldn't help but wish him as he starts off the chat.

Shane(S)- Happy Birthday @Drew !!

Hey Shane, how are you?

S- I'm ok thanks. Just getting my little dose of stress reading through every possible negative scenario some people can think up and decide to come and share on Discord lol. Nice to see the speculation and positive comments though!

Shane are you proud, we even past the point of asking when

S- then my plan has finally been realized

I’m just curious what the “website-based” PvP 2D will look like?

S- I've tried to point this out a few times on Twitter, and maybe once in Discord, but basically my game play concept is an introduction to the EcoSim, a kind of light version with some PvP elements, but a lot more. It's going to be completely based in the website, so nothing animated. One of the keys here is that it will be a game loop that can lead directly into representation inside of E2V1. So we are still very heavily focused on E2V1, and though my game / PvP idea is complicated to develop, we're not spending time with any animations or diverting resources away from E2V1, we are using the BE And FE web teams to implement on the current website. Additionally, we're expanding our BE game engine (kind of building a new one) which will be the motor / powerhouse for E2V1. So the idea, while something new, does not really divert much away from our goal to get game play on E2V1 at all, it's just a little step to introduce and give Players something to do. One more comment, the reason I designed this game the way I have is so people can play casually, so it will work on kind of hourly / daily loops, as opposed to staking which is kind of at the other end of the spectrum. Anyway, just a few bits of information. There is 100% scope creep, but I am pushing to have the first part out in Nov still even if it means things like Player Contracts and Civilians follows a little later. Though it's on the website, it's actually a pretty complicated concept to develop with many moving parts.

Most of us sit outside gen chat these days in other groups

S- yeah I understand, but there are still many positive supporters in here. I think most just don't speak out, though there are those that do. It's nice to see those positive messages so thank you to those who do speak up daily and keep things positive

Can I steal peoples essence though?

S- I think there are some people in here who have given it a great deal of thought and have some speculation that is on point. But that is only the concept, you won't know how it works until we disclose more details. Though it's definitely stressful, this is the first time I have had complete control on the game design, it's something I should have done a year ago .. but hindsight is 20/20, better late than never and E2V1 has come a long, long way since last November. Even with what you guys have seen you can see it's come and long way since then

Are we going to need to do some loops tasks in every single property in the ecosim? Considering production and logistic? Once every x hours in each property? (This would be great, and give reason to start using player2player contracts later on)?

S- well, this is where things get really complicated. You're asking the right questions, just imagine how difficult it is to solve these kind of issues

Any visual sneak peak you can give?

S- we will start releasing some visuals through Nov, but as I said, this will start 100% web based, having said that, there will be visuals for different things you can build / create, and these will be visually represented (move etc.) inside E2V1 at a later date

How long should we expect staking to continue?

S- you'll probably find out later today

Wen are we gonna see new biomes close ups? Like that video from last year. Feels like ages since then. That was a high quality video. We were kinda promised more like that but haven't got any.

S- our team is working all of this, around the clock. There are MANY moving parts to E2V1. One thing you have to understand is that the original demo we showed last year was more like a POC, applied to a limited area. The engine we've built for E2V1 is 100x better and covers the entire planet. We've made awesome progress, but sometimes you can get stuck on the smallest thing, something you expected to take 2 weeks ends up being 2 months. There is a lot more to show though and I am kind of contemplating showing some through Nov, which will be great for you guys to see if we release it, but it would then mean we have less wow factor for closer proximity to the token launch. I am yet undecided on this. I understand people want to see progress, but if you look back at what we've released this year, you can see we're working on things. It depends, should we keep that type of footage for the token launch or should I just release it

Save it for the wow factor closer to token launch

yeah it's a tough one, because the footage would also give a pretty clear picture on what we are planning for Earth 2. A nice visual representation on the future, and plans. And as much as I would love to release it during our b'day month, I do feel it won't be nearly as effective as it would be closer to the token launch

Is player contracts scholars?

S- it will work in a very similar way, yes. The difference is our system will be a lot more complicated over time and allow a LOT more freedom for land owners and land operators to build agreements between one another

Just to clarify something. Will E2V1 be web based, or a downloaded .exe or .apk

S- we are looking at various solutions, at the moment it runs as an exe file, but we are looking at solutions where it could even run in browser or via a client

How is the beard? Still growing?

S- yes, it remains untrimmed

All the ones who are still here are HODLers.. we will stay here till the end regardless of more proofs

S- possibly true - good point. Even more reward for those who maintain the belief I guess!

When do you plan to launch the token? It’d be nice to get an update on that

S- that is something I would announce to everyone, I don't have a specific date to release to the public right now

Any news about social media platform?

S- will be announced next month as well. A LOT of work into that one, but will launch as an MVP we plan to build on

Can you get someone over to speak at enter the metaverse conference in London with all the other metaverse leaders this November? I think the community enjoyed our last interview

S- if I'm still sane by then, I could probably do a video interview or something. I won't have time to fly over there unfortunately

Will the PvP system have any essence reward system?

S- yes, in a round about way

Will resources cost essence as 1:1 transaction or can we stake essence to produce resources?

S- we are looking at ways to allow staking for this. It's too complicated to answer simply and I don't want to throw too much information out there. What I can say is that I have been working with a new talent who is just absolutely amazing, it was unfortunate what happened previously, but sometimes faces change for a reason and in this case I am very happy with how things worked out.

I think this is what the community were hoping for and more are interested in staking rather than spending for resource production:)

S- I also felt this, which is why I was pushing for that approach. We are working on an incredibly interesting system, in fact multiple systems, I think many of you will be pretty mind blown with how different parts of the EcoSim are going to work and how much structure there will be. It will all start with my PvP concept .. I just wish I had become involved like this with game design a year ago and done this, but I guess at that time I already had too much on my plate. Anyway, it's going to start soon

What is the time frame on the token launch? 3 month? 6 month? Another year? The least you can do is tell us a time frame

S- I would say within the 6 month mark.

You mentioned a website rework is being deployed in November; curious is it an entire overhaul or mainly focused on the landing page content? Curious since UI changes are being pushed on the current layout still this month in stage2

S- mainly landing page and content, it looks very nice. We worked on it with R/GA. It's something we've been meaning to do for a long time and gives us a nice new design to convey our goals, visions etc. I really wanna iterate again a desire for people to see E2v1 progress. You have no idea how beneficial this is to both the community and E2 support receiving bug reports from the community to get everything ready. I really hope you decide to launch early

S- well that's what I was openly deliberating on above, if you care to check later. I want to release footage too and show how many amazing things we've made progress with, but if I do it would come at the expense of losing a significant promotional digital asset at token launch

Footage on EcoSim progress is fine, but get players in the E2v1 world flying around and putting out bug reports will really help. No matter how good your QA team is there never going to find all the bugs on a world. This is the best possible way to get the world ready in a timely matter. This also shows the community that all the videos are real, that the world is real and will blow away the critic community for sure

S- yes, when we're ready for that we will setup an Alpha and Beta environment. We're not ready for that yet

I wish we had more utilities for luminous jewels….I mean they were on the draft paper and there is a leaderboard…but we can barely do anything with them. Can we expect something to change with that?

S- trust me, there is more utility coming for Jewels in my PvP and then we will also go on to review the Jewel section. I have been extremely disappointed at how Jewels were structured

I did too. Have crafted a total of exactly 10k now, an excellent stopping point, with 4 brilliants. Can't wait to see the utility

S- yes, I feel brilliants should have a lot more utility

You have no idea how many hours I've put into the riddle

S- sometimes you need to step back and rethink. I wouldn't say it's easy to solve, but stepping back and looking at possible ways to solve it which you may not yet have contemplated may help

Do I have to travel irl somewhere specifically to solve it?

S- No

What is the timeline for initial access for E2V1? If token launch is 6 months out - would E2V1 be ready around the same time? E2V1 is very exciting

S- I am learning about giving timelines so I would just say I am hoping for some kind of alpha access in the next 6 months. For the record, we could have released E2V1 with an egg hunt this year, but it would have meant we lost a lot of progress on a playable E2V1. These are the decisions that happen in the background and are made in the best interest of the project long term

If you HAD to compare your soon to be released PvP game to either: 1) command and conquer Or 2) Which one does it most closely resemble?

S- it's like neither of these. I tried to spell it out clearly in my first lengthy message above. It will be 100% website based, in the current website form more or less, however, it will be using an engine we're building for E2V1 and will be representable inside E2V1 once we connect the two systems. It was a lot to write out above so please go back and read that comment for more details

Anyway, I know you guys don't like hearing it but I slept 2 hours last night and I want to try get another nap in before my meetings / obligations start again later today. I just saw people wishing Drew a happy birthday when I opened the chat and responded, didn't intend to reply to so many questions but hopefully it was useful for you all!

Shane leaves chat

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