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"We want to show something else impressive when Essence launches" (dev chat)

Shane came in to thank users for joining the premier of Earth 2's 'Distant Terrain Engine', and stayed back to answer a few questions

Shane(S)- hello all. Glad that many enjoyed the premier earlier today! I will drop in later today to read comments around that time but I heard that there was a lot of support and people enjoyed it. Thanks very much for your support.

Can you clarify for a non techy like me. What do you mean when you say the tool called Mapbox can do exactly what we've seen already in Unity? What is it doing?

S- We're not using Mapbox in any way, shape or form in the tech we've built and demoed (the Distant Terrain Shader). It has nothing to do with Mapbox technology. Our team built what you saw. Sorry to shut down this new attempt at misleading people into thinking we're not capable of building this tech. I thought this might be the latest focus from those who try to come up with ways to explain 'how we're misleading and tricking' everyone. Certainly sounds like something they would come up with but my apologies if I was wrong.

Imagine using a omnidirectional treadmill, a tesla suit and VR sets to play games or sports inside of it... players will have to be real athletes

S- love it - but let's build the foundations for it all first .. we're building that in a way where any future tech could come in and interact At some point will there be a grace period for us to shift epls amongst our own properties along with some mechanism to do that properly

S- I am not sure this is on the feature list just yet. I know I asked for no Players to be charged any ongoing EPL registration fees until they become more operational. So the initial fee was like a reserve fee I guess

How many active users is there on earth2.. Seem too not reach so many with those Videos.. I would think at least 50% of users would check them out?

S- there are many Players who want to avoid the drama. We have never emailed out to our hundreds of thousands of Players .. we will do that when bigger things come, so doesn't really surprise me. Many bought land in E2 for the long haul and just forget about it for a while and let us build our thing

The video was awesome @Shane , no words to describe it, it was hard to imagine that in such short time your team could do so much as the entire Earth in streaming and at the same time a platform where anyone can build, edit, create and interact with the terrain all in a blockchain ecosim

S- thank you. I'm glad some can appreciate how interesting this tech is

Shane no additional terrain footage till after essence, can we expect some more candid talks to fill the gap?

S- yes, there will be more candid talks for sure. And other things .. features, news etc. We want to show something else impressive when Essence launches

One small question, any hints regarding plates of gold in that video?

S- I can't sorry .. there is a big prize for that one and the player that solves it will know what to do

I wonder what happens to ether/essence when unclaimed

S- I have an interesting idea for that. Have been working on it with the team .. it's coming

if there is a gold mine, I will find resources only above the mine or maybe also in a limited area around of it?

S- it will be on that specific location. I can't promise for adjoining areas (if those do not have that resource)

I have a question/idea: can be a free advertising for earth2 adding hashtag #metaverse for each post for Eggs Hunt ? Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. What do you think ?

S- this is a brilliant idea. The E2 team are already overworked .. we have so much on our plate. Anything you guys in the community want to suggest and work on together, as a group, is greatly appreciated. It's nice to have you all more involved

I know you can´t say too much about Essence, but here there are to many people who think Essence will cost 0.1 ....just one Essence design to be a multi-dollar Token?...since the beginning

S- we are focused on building products and adding utility and fun to E2.. we believe if we do that then the rest will fall into place and give more purpose to Essence

The tech demo was awesome last night! I was wondering how will building works on sloped terrains/cliffs? Will it be possible on those tiles?

S- trust me, this is something the team has been aware about for a long time and we're considering the best approach to this. We had to get the main tech working correctly first but we are aware and we want to find a good solution. That is all I can share for now

We've seen E2 untouched, when would we see it touched?

S- I can't give you an exact date sorry but we would like this to happen sooner than later obviously. I don't want to push my team too hard

Would Holo-building malfunctions hamper resources?

S- No

Any other resources we can expect? I already bought mines in the known ones

S- first 8 to start then more will be introduced later

When interview? Dan (Shane's assistant) has been slacking it

S- Dan is just about as busy as I am .. and I dump more on him every day lol

I have to get going guys, sorry, I know there are many questions. Would be good to have a list somewhere that I can look at and I'll try to make videos about one or a few questions when I have the chance. Keep safe guys and have a good day

Shane leaves the chat

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