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Shane appears in Chat! [Full transcript]

Just a few hours ago, CEO Shane Isaac appeared in the discord chat. Shane’s answers are in bold.

Here it is guys, Jewels were the early benefits all this time (dont tell kira).

it’s not the reward I alluded to for the end of the month. I gotta crash guys – hope you’re all doing well!

Axie Infinity released their P2E system with a game ready to go. Decentraland released their metaverse with a game ready for use. Same with the Sandbox. When a project focuses on the money side of thing first and foremost, then looks to implement the other more importantportion of that P2E system later, things are going to get messy from what we are seeing. You cannot say that isn’t the case here.

Decentraland raised $24M in 2017, had a closed BETA in 2019 and introduced first game play Feb 2020 .. that’s what .. 3 years? We have allowed as much interaction from day one as we build Earth 2, have shown the first parts of in game footage (within 2 months from launching, more to come)..gotta love this misinformation being sold as the truth. I know everyone wants E2 tomorrow, I do too, but you have to give us some breathing space sometimes. We’re working hard and there is a chance for everyone to be involved and take some form of ownership. Support us and let us build this right, we’re doing this for you all just as much as for ourselves because we’re unsure the same opportunity is going to come from some of the others out there playing in this field. Keep safe

What is misinformation? They do have a playable state of their game, and it’s no longer in closed beta stage. So let’s clear the record then. What state is Earth2 in?

only you’re missing the fact E2 launched in Nov 2020 and Decentraland (which I think is cool btw) launched in 2017. My point was the timeline it took for them to deliver something remotely playable. Anyway, we are pushing along in here, will keep moving internally.

gameplay within 2 months of release? This keeps getting better and better. Check your dates. You promised it within 2 months and delayed it another 2. Wow. Is this an intentional lie or just sleep deprived confusion?

I wrote in game footage, not gameplay. Not sure why people skip over what others write

Here’s the founder in the gen chat able to confirm or clarify resources for 2021… Come on, @Shane. You can do it, buddy. Manage the expectations…

we are actually working on a general road map. To give something to those patiently waiting something to look forward to, but the flip side is others will use it to criticise. I have learned you cannot win, you just need to keep moving forward toward the end goal

@Shane you said on twitter a few days ago we could sleep this week-end and not jeopardize our health… should I sleep well tonight or not?

yes, please sleep

No. My initial point was the way in which Decentraland was implemented in comparison to Earth2, which was a way up before you jumped in. Game first, before the whole P2E system. If you’re saying that your team needs more time to develop your game that’s perfectly understandable, it’s just a bit confounding as to why there’s the new to drop all these P2E feature ahead when you know it’s going to be a while. Questions surrounding sustainability and all that.

your initial point was that Decentraland launched with a game .. which was incorrect, it took them 3 years. Big difference

We need e2 avatars


@Shane is there a new terrain video to showcase more of Nathaniel work.

yes, we need to wait for some other things to happen before it’s released

@Shane play valhiem yet ?

I think my daughter plays that. Unfortunately I don’t have time

I think you’re missing the point. Delays are normal, as I have stated dozens of times. Failing to manage customer expectations is one of your biggest opportunities. For example, if resources are at risk of not making 2021, the sooner you set that expectation the better.

I have made it clear there are multiple announcements coming this month. Let’s look forward to those and see what information they contain.

plus when they did launch their platform the community turned on them because it didn’t meet expectations it crashed on the first week and they couldn’t work out how to put it back online. I spoke to Sam their community manager and he was going through the hell they went through and how e2 would need to go through the same, was no smooth ride at all.

We have people talking the truth who were not even there. It’s like me using Microsoft as an example vs Android when Android was in v1.. or iPhone vs the first Samsung .. or Samsung vs the first Google Pixel etc.. Ignore the process the predecessor had to go through, look at the end result after years of of work to release then compare it to a hyper growth that is finally starting to catch up in it’s first year. Decentraland were not actively pushing updates, supporting a live product etc.

Thanks for sharing that important point

@Shane did you see the happy Birthday E2 video the community and I made for you guys?

100% I loved it!! Plan to repost on Twitter later this month. Thank you so much for that video .. brought a tear

I have 2 sets of axis, sooooooo boring. But it does pay they make $600 a month for me

Axie sky rocketed when the scholarship program came out. When I heard about I asked my team to review and I told them I bet that is when it skyrocketed .. interesting indeed. Great example of play to earn one must say though

Anything you can share in regards to progress of API or SDK?

nothing I can share now, but I can say the PvP we have planned will help us reactively build that API / SDK to allow other games to follow suit. I do want to run a competition at some stage with prize money for the best ideas in the community to build into Earth 2 once we have that foundation ready

@Shane can we expect any blockchain news this month?

why do people want to spoil the party?

Shane, how will jewels, HBs, resources integrate with the wider Metaverse? Eg. Jobs, Networking, online shopping

It depends how players want to integrate them. We will be showing examples with projects we’re building, the community / external developers can follow suit or come up with their own ideas. I cannot wait for the creativity

@Shane did you expect all this success when Earth2 was launched?

no! I expected it maybe one day, but not this fast.. it has turned my life upside down .. I was already busy enough as it were before E2

@Shane have you and the team reviewed the results of the Earth 2 community survey?

no – I just heard there were 300 or so participants. I have asked my team to review it still and appreciate your time trying to put something like that together

Thanks for the reply. So what you’re implying is that creators have freedom to tweak the features of e2 mechanics? Love it!

yeah, I guess I am

@Shane do you still work on the xyz app

yes, things are happening there

Is crafting the big announcement this month?


with great ideas, comes hard work

yeah I didn’t realise what that hard work actually meant ..

@Shane How’s the new office opening going? and is it related to E2?

oh yeah .. I took a photo the other day but thought it’s not a good time to post it. I will get shot for not announcing something more interesting then I will have people asking if that is the big announcement

Shane do you think some of the announcements this month will include information regarding countries such as Nauru and how the E2 team will approach them in a fair manor for users so they don’t suffer a loss? Or do you anticipate a longer runway on these items.

longer runway unfortunately .. sorry

ok I do have to sleep now. Nice chatting everyone and keep safe.

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