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Earth 2 acquires DRONE for PvP plans.

Taken directly from the Earth2 website.

Sydney, Australia – December, 2021 – Earth 2, the metaverse platform and virtual twin of our real world, has announced the acquisition of DRONE The Game (DRONE), a fast-paced 3D-action combat game where players custom build their sci-fi vehicles and player-versus-player environments.

The acquisition will facilitate Earth 2’s first official 3D gameplay implementation through the integration of core components from DRONE’s tech stack, including its advanced arena and vehicle editors, with Earth 2’s metaverse platform.

Along with onboarding DRONE’s core engineering and creative team, Earth 2 plans to accelerate many aspects of its internal development by leveraging DRONE’s adaptive technology, including its advanced rendering and texturing systems, terrain building tools, real-time lighting and particle systems, networking and backend technologies, procedural modelling and mesh generation systems, plus dynamic AI pathfinding.

“The ultimate goal of this acquisition is direct ownership of innovative world building and gameplay technologies to extend Earth 2’s Metaverse platform. It illustrates our ongoing commitment to invest in our development team, and to acquire technical expertise relevant to delivering Earth 2’s experience to millions of people across the globe,” said Shane Isaac, founder of Earth 2. “User Generated Content and utilizing our community’s creativity is a priority for Earth 2 as we continue to leverage blockchain technology to move our platform to Web 3 in partnership with Polygon Studios.”

Earth 2 is dedicated to continuing the development of DRONE, including its integration into the Earth 2 platform. Further details on how DRONE and its underlying technology will be used inside Earth 2 will be released progressively over the coming months.

DRONE, including its Arena and Vehicle Editor, is available on Steam in its current state, untouched as yet by any Earth 2 updates. We invite our players to download the free trial version if they wish to begin familiarising themselves with the demo but urge people not to purchase the full version just yet as Earth 2 intends to change the price of the game to FREE in the near future.

Current Steam listing.

Official Video Announcement :

About Earth 2

Earth 2® is a futuristic concept for a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations correspond to user generated digital virtual environments. These environments can be owned, bought, sold, and in the near future deeply customized.


DRONE is a fast-paced action-packed 3D combat game which supports user creativity via highly customisable editor tools for 3D arenas and vehicle creation. Players can expect an updated, improved and expanded version of DRONE when Earth 2 officially re-releases the game under the Earth 2 banner some time through 2022. The re-release will include numerous updates on features such as game play, game design and graphics, as well as bug fixes and general support of the product and will have core elements that link into parts of Phase 1 and Phase 2, the Economic Simulator. The game itself will be free to play.

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