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Shane Discord chat (6th Apr '22)

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Shane stepped in discord today, following up on the video he released yesterday responding to the 7 Day Challenge - and whether Callum legitimately win? We recommend that you watch the video to gain full context (including the video description). Besides the challenge, the video showcases a glimpse of the 3D version of Earth 2 as well, which looks very exciting!

Full transcript

Shane: "Hey guys. I'm glad everyone enjoyed the video and I hope it removed a burden from everyone's shoulders. I know it did for me. They will continue to grasp at straws and create more videos but none of it feels so relevant anymore, we can see them for who they are and there is always that video I created picking Callum to pieces and showing how they operate. It can be referenced any time in the future. There are also other reasons for doing what I did, I know some don't understand, but I'm glad people also saw my passion for Earth 2 and that I not only stood up for my team but also for my community and what I believe in .. and I did this against a much larger group with over a million followers collectively. We will have the last laugh.

Thank you for the support and the messages, I read through them all and laughed, and cried (someone said they cried when they watched the footage .. well I cried when I watched the footage you'll see this weekend .. of course it's a demo of our distant terrain technology, but many will understand how significant it is.

We use Google Earth (a computer program that renders a 3D representation of the planet Earth based on satellite imagery - obviously created by one of the biggest and most innovative software companies in the world), we compare ours with Google Earth through the video to demonstrate how accurate our technology is and how fast it loads in comparison.

This is an amazing platform we're setting to build Earth 2, those who understand tech will realize this and now, no matter what the YT'ers (those who choose to continue) shoot back at us, it just doesn't seem relevant anymore .. it's obvious they are incapable of admitting anything positive about Earth 2 and will continue grasping at straws and distorting the truth to fit their own agenda.

Thanks again for the support and I'm looking forward to the rest of 2022 together and beyond.

User: Btw, tbh as someone who joined Earth 2, 2 days ago, and after all the YouTube drama I can say, the hate is unnecessary, the community has been nothing but nice to me and friendly, even gifted me some stuff. I would say, for new comers like me it is confusing all the drama, but once you dig into it, you can make your own decisions, shouldn't let yourself be blinded by either side, study both points, and decide.

Shane(S): that's awesome to hear

Woof :). My favorite comment during the chat was it's google maps, you can see the logo

S: seriously .. completely over their head .. sigh ...

Shane have you watched "the billion dollar code" on netflix yet? i watched it last week and it somehow resonated with earth2 and thought that you'd love to watch that too

S: I will make a note, though I never get time to watch any TV .. I literally watch one rugby game per week and that's recorded and I usually get to watch it about 4 days after I recorded it lol .. have to avoid news during that time

Just want you to know we're here for the tech and wanna see E2 win. Get some creators to champion E2 and fix your search results + bad PR. We know you have genuine intentions

S: yes, we've never paid anyone to talk about the positive things with regards to E2 but a new company we're working with is going to help us on this. They're a massive firm, very professional so hopefully will help us out

Just one question, will a one tile property be able to have more than one EcoSim building on it, or will the Mentar be the only one?

S: one tile properties .. I think I mentioned something on those before. Larger properties will have advantage in the EcoSim overall but I'm sure one tile properties will still have some kind of purpose

Somewhat related note -- hoping your weekend video (or at some future point) puts some more clarification on the separate engines and some thoughts around that. I know there are some folks who particularly didn't understand that piece nor the concept of what you were trying to convey with the in engine footage today (as they just focused on 'this looks different')

S: yes, we should be sure to point that out. But even if we do, they won't listen and will choose to ignore

S: I actually thought Callum might just admit defeat, clearly he had no idea what he was accepting in the challenge. He literally accepted it 15 mins after I posted on my twitter, that's just enough time to watch the video ONCE ..(and btw, people saying I lied on the twitter thing .. my goodness .. the world has different time zones .. we even showed the time zone we took the screenshots in .. some people just choose to ignore). But yeah, Callum claimed he would admit when he was wrong, yet he's proven he won't and he'll just double down choosing to try and preserve his credibility vs admit he stuffed up.

Which team do you support in rugby

S: Brisbane Broncos .. since I was a child. They are not doing so well the past couple of games

Is the process of putting a grid for our tiles on your work being easy (v1 or v2)? because I was thinking that we could do some hard work ourselves, like resources... if thats the case

S: we already have a grid. This was FREAKING DIFFICULT! We didn't even add that to the challenge for Callum. Replicating the grid accurately in our own 3D world all over again was hard .. super proud of my team for the work they've done there

Will properties be able to be put into a trust in the UI?

S: I have actually thought about that .. and joint ownership of properties. But we have so much on our plate right now those are future features

When we start playing v1, we'll be too busy playing and the noise will go away with ppl having fun on YT/twitch, this all will be past

S: I have plans :)

I saw your video in which you mentioned that e2 was supposed to be a side project, would you mind throwing us a tidbit on what was your main project back then?

S: social media app and some other commitments I was involved with

Funny how their "intention" is to help investors, but they are E2's only liability to succeeding

S: it's comical

I can't believe the YouTubers are gonna prepare the next wave of videos. Ridiculous

S: let them come. They are only supporting what I said. They have a place in this world to keep their followers away from benefiting on Earth 2. Obviously their followers get a laugh from watching their videos and make themselves feel good for putting someone else down, but long term what else will they get? We will have the last laugh .. as I said, it's entertaining already knowing how our clowns are

Will E2 social be big enough to dethrone Facebook in a few years?

S: I have a big multinational company working on revamping our product. I want it to be something for the people too .. let's see what happens

What is your go to music? I personally stick to jazz and rock and roll :)

S: I like EVERYTHING .. I can listen to Mozart for hours on end, then rock, grunge, punk rock, rap, old classics .. I love music. I always wanted to learn piano as a child but my family could never afford it so as an adult I taught myself to play. Playing Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart .. it was like a dream come true. I would memories the notes as I can't read and play at the same time. Two of my favorites I taught myself to play were Moonlight Sonata Movement 3 and Fur Elise was the first I learned, I had wanted to play that from a kid

Ii know you got a lot of work but pleas update the egg list challenge to close

S: I asked the team on this

People's Metaverse, we have a leader, not a CEO hiding behind a suit

S: thank you. If you want a traditional corporate suit to create the foundations of your metaverse there are already some existing options

When are the jobs opening up

S: which ones? We are always looking for new talent

Shane my withdrawal says complete and I saw it pending few days ago on my bank account now it says "complete" on E2 but not in bank and pending is gone

S: just message support, they will monitor and help you out. Our accounting team are really good. They will ensure you're paid, some banks just have issues

Shane there is a problem with the Selling Tab on the Resource page with the fees. If I list a jewel for like $3.50, it says the fee is like $0.25. but when it is listed the fee might be as high as a $1.00 and bumps the price up to $4.50 instead of $3.75

S: I have messaged that directly to our COO and asked him to ensure there is a ticket for it, if not, he needs to create one and have it validated by QA. They will get to it

Out of curiosity, from a team perspective is AIR still involved heavily on the web side? If so -- we've seen in my eyes quite an improvement on release quality/QA, would you primarily attribute this more towards team restructuring or just general "time in the fire"/maturity of the team & processes?

S: no, they have not been involved for some time now

Do you still have billionaire friends/acquaintances who wish E2 to succeed and/or might even collaborate or are they all envious "enemies"?

S: let's say I didn't make any close friends in that circle

When can we expect the next airdrop?

S: I can't say IF or when sorry

I might be new and sound noobish here, but isn't it bad that the developer of the footage used, its selling the plug in? I mean shouldn't that be only for E2? wouldn't it open competition (even though they wont be as good as E2). Again, asking out of ignorance, so don't kill me lol

S: I think people have missed the point here. Callum called him an amateur / nothing source / and that he was pulling the wool over my eyes. I showed what he created in the past as a point of reference to the person Callum is calling out as a noob dev just working out how to build a game

What ll happened about the copyright EPL? Ex Wikipedia, LinkedIn etc.

S: Probably the same that happened on Twitter with handles .. but that depends when it catches up .. I want to decentralize all of these things .. so might be interesting to see what happens after that

Will E2 --aside from gaming and social network aspect-- have a feature of a crypto wallet / crypto stock market similar to Binance?

S: we have plans long term - but these are big things and we have to set the foundations first. I have good contacts in this space, extremely good contacts and good people. They are not listed on the team page

Can I build a building and put up an outdoor billboard on it and play music on? I haven't heard an answer to this

S: yes, I want to provide options for things like this. You know, one thing I have not done in the past is show concept artwork .. normally I like to focus on showing things how they will appear in game etc. But maybe we should start showing some concept artwork .. I think it will get people excited

Any little little little hint about plates of gold riddle?

S: Sorry no more clues on this one

So, when I listened to the new terrain video and it spoke of the map data not being accurate and all that, meaning the maps won't give all the info needed for 1:1, I thought to myself, what can be a strategy that can be used to improve the data without relying on the datasets that are already flawed (map/heightmap data [imagery data]): shadows and poor quality images etc.) Then I came across what other companies are already doing, using AI to fill up gaps (predict) when it comes to rendering 3D cities when relying on images found online of those cities, the AI predicts how certain sides of buildings would look like even when they've been shown only on one side or when that side shown is only blurry... So, I then thought, can't AI do that with the world map, fill in the gaps of the world map (thus, predict certain missing features on the map), use the poor quality images then recreate or refill gaps using predictions, instead of using the already existing faulty satellite imagery data, first process it through an AI then let the AI recreates and fills gaps. While I was thinking, I decided to look for a project that is doing that with AI, then I came across funny enough it's owned by Meta... They use AI to map the world to greater detail, by using machine learning algorithms to map parts of the world that are not mapped on other existing maps. They are opensource, but owned by Meta... Afterwards maybe they can compress that AI map data since it's artificial data, not sure if I'm right, but meaning it can be tweaked right? Lol

S: good question. I think you might have misunderstood what we said in the dev vlog. We were pointing out how that was an issue but we have already worked out ways to solve most of those issues using our own tech. I will save that website URL but we were pointing that out to be an issue that is difficult to solve (because we want E2 to be like it was before man influenced it, without man made structures) and that our solution worked out a way to solve a big part of that already. Thanks for sharing though and I am always interested in ways we can improve our system and make it better long term

Can I Looting certain people for no reason?

S: funny you mention that .. I'll make a note to mention something in my next candid video

What charity did you donate to?

S: I will. People can suggest on my twitter

Shane excuses himself from discord

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