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12 months have passed, riddle remains unsolved

Exactly a year ago, Shane posted a riddle on his Twitter coinciding with the Anzac Day.

The Earth 2 community has since spent countless hours trying to decipher this in a bid to claim those 'plates of gold', even as the solution remains elusive. Several users even went and bought some tiles they thought were the location of the prize on the map, however Shane had mentioned that users need not purchase any tiles to solve the puzzle.

Players even wondered how would they know even if they successfully solved the riddle. To this Shane has repeatedly stated - "The one who solves it will know what to do"

Today, on the Anzac day, a year later Shane quote tweeted his original tweet. We are not sure whether it offers any further clues or not. Over the year, users have prodded Shane to provide at least a small hint. Shane has declined to provide any additional hints saying 'the prize is significant'

So, what is the likely solution you may ask? We are not sure, but we think this could be finding something on the website and could be literally anything - a hidden page, a hidden property, a hidden account or anything else. Either way we believe it may contain some instructions, as that's how the person who finds it will know what to do as Shane says.

If you are looking for anything more to cling on, we would like to point out that the original Earth 2 Egg Hunt video from 2021 is no longer publicly accessible (hidden) on Earth 2's Youtube channel, and we don't know whether that contains any clue or the solution itself. The 2021 Egg Hunt video premiered about 20 days prior to this riddle.

With a year gone and no solution in sight, it remains to be seen whether Shane will provide any clues or not. Happy hunting Earth 2!

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