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Earth 2 Resource Validation mechanism explained

In his recent candid video, Shane Isaac (Founder CEO, Earth 2) talks about resource validation and reacts to user comments from Earth 2 Official discord.

Resource Validation

  • If a potential resource plot is not already validated, users can raise a validation request if they believe (and hopefully can prove) they have the corresponding resource on their plot

  • When raising a request, a user will have to stake Essence against each validation request

  • If the request is successful, the user gets back the original essence plus a % bonus on their staked essence. Unsuccessful/ Frivolous requests could potentially lose their staked Essence

  • Multiple users can contribute towards a resource validation request, thus on successful validation, all users who have staked their essence will receive a bonus.

  • Automatic Validations:

    • There is an expected scenario where some users put up a validation resource around the same area, say for example multiple users who have a plot within the same mine.

    • If a resource validation request in such an area gets approved by Earth 2, it could potentially trigger an automatic validation for nearby plots (in that direct area) to confirm the presence of the said resource.

    • Such automatic validations could stretch in any direction and for any length, since the first plot to validate may not necessarily be at the epicenter. The automatic validation mechanism greatly reduces the time and process towards the entire resources validation exercise.

    • In such a scenario, and for plots in such an area, users will still have the opportunity to earn the Essence bonus by submitting a validation request as soon as possible. Once resource validation goes live, Earth 2 will allow up to a week (at least) to give such users the opportunity to submit resource validation requests for earning that Essence bonus.

    • Users whose plots get automatically validated for a resource, and who do not have an open resource validation request against that plot, will still receive access to the said resource; they will only lose the chance to earn an Essence bonus via the validation process.

Discord User questions

Shane also reacted to various user comments/ queries from Earth 2 official discord. You can find those in the video below. Specific comments/ questions can be found using the time stamps in the video (resources validation part is already covered in the section above)

06:57 - Tile limitations (by Jad)

09:08 - Merging tiles (by Futuristic)

11:08 - 750 tiles is a brig property! (by Ibby VK)

11:30 - Crypto has to be simple to understand (by MrGreen)

13:21 - Auto merging properties (by MrGreen)

15:08 - Single tile customization

16:05 - Jewel family and tile art (by Chris)

16:42 - Scholars and a new gameplay (by Drew)

19:16 - The VR experience (by ZackFreiday)

21:10 - Phase 2.5 in relation to Phase 3 (by SimoneS)

23:16 - Earth 2 as "The Metaverrse" (by Eugene Boondock)

25:53 - The Weaver part of a Mentar (by AussiOne)

26:23 - Trading HUBs and Megacities

27:41 - Transportation Theory

29:25 - Day Night Cycle (by ZEU$)

31:25 - Increasing the player base (by Pacey)

34:48 - Building types and players' creativity

37:03 - Style variations for buildings

37:58 - Museums, concerts and AR promoting signs

40:10 - Transportation in relation to the Marketplace (by CrushCity)

41:26 - What happens if something goes wrong? (by Dairk)

42:55 - Leaderboard: the long-term vision

44:33 - The platform as something completely new (by AussiOne)

48:05 - More clarifications about the resources validation system (by Jab)

49:41 - Transparency as the key for success (by Virtual Tycoon)

53:21 - Outro

54:19 - About the next Earth 2 Official Vlog

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