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Digital assets in Earth 2, Resource Heatmap

Shane released a candid video few hours ago on his personal YouTube handle. Find key take-aways below

Key take-aways from the video

  • He discussed about the evolution of various business models in gaming and how it has shaped his thinking around the model adopted for Earth 2

  • Shane aspires to build the Earth 2 platform where users can truly own and trade several digital assets. Most of these assets will either be created by players themselves or generated on player owned land (eg Jewels, Resources)

  • Earth 2 doesn't want players to keep spending fiat on every new feature or update (typical in-game purchase model), rather work off the land they already own to acquire, trade (player-to-player) and build on top of it. Most value is thus centered around the land that the players will hold.

  • Essence is easy to collect now, however it will gradually become difficult to claim it. Essence will be the key currency needed to build on Earth 2.

  • Earth 2 has the option to raise capital (at least $100 million) if they need to, however if that ever happens it will be strategic capital and on Earth 2's own terms.

  • Resources:

    • Earth 2 will start showing binary data on existing properties, i.e. whether a particular resource exists there or not (rather showing how much of it is there)

    • Plan to start with Gold and Oil heatmaps on the test-server (within next few days) for a few weeks, before adding more resource types

    • Subsequently the resource validation process will be launched where players will be incentivized to correctly validate (E2 team will confirm the presence). Incorrect/ malicious validations will invite penalties to ensure minimal wastage of effort and time towards validation.

  • Shane emphasized the importance of the information carried within Earth 2 dev vlogs and asked users to pay close attention to them.

  • As Earth 2 keeps building the foundations of its Metaverse, it aims to keep things interesting along the way. Among other things being developed in the background, there is new PvP gameplay under development to make to upcoming EcoSim more interesting and add a risk/ reward element to it. Shane signed off by warning, "One day you'll be complaining about there being too many things to do on Earth 2 and not too little"

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