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New Bidding Hub - All you need to know!

Just yesterday, one of the most highly-requested Earth 2 features released: The Bidding Hub. Players now have a central area to access all outstanding and cancelled bids. It can be found by clicking on the player dropdown in the top right hand corner.

List of its features:

- Ability to filter by bid received/bids sent

- Search for properties by Location, EPL, Description or Owner.

- Filter properties by Time of Bid, Property size, Price, Market Value and Bid Value. On Bids received, there is an option to filter properties by: Properties for sale, Property size, Bids above a certain price/market value, and Time of Bid.

- Additional options to sort properties by Description, Location, Size, Bidder, Bid Date, Market Value, Your Price, and Bid Value.

- Feature that cancels all outstanding bids.

Major Features:

'Cancel all bids' function has allowed users to recover large sums of previously lost money. I found $130 of money left in bids on properties, and users have reported far higher sums.

Users also have the option to select individual properties and cancel those bids, without selecting all of them.

Instant accept/counter/decline bids function that allows users to keep track of all bids on their properties. This feature can be found unerder the 'Bids Received' subheading.

Bidding History allows anyone running an auction or giveaway to view the full bidding history of a property, regardless if those bids have been cancelled or declined. This feature is available for all properties, not just those bought after the Bidding Hub's release.

It can be found by clicking on the 'Bidding History' of any property.

What's next?

A new specialised auction feature is another highly requested feature which we hope will be considered - and as stated on Earth 2's roadmap, a new Notification Hub, Holobuilding Trading and Resources are set for release in the next few months.

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