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Shane chats with E2 users (July 1st)

Earlier today Shane hopped in Earth 2 discord to chat with users about Earth 2's progress and focus areas, including the update around his personal security. Below quick take-aways and the full transcript

Key Take-aways

  • Shane and his family were recently threatened. Shane provides and update that its being dealt with by authorities. Shane may get himself a bodyguard!

  • Users should be careful when dealing with the security of their Essence holdings.

  • Updates and Fixes for resource system to be rolled out this later this week

  • Focused on E2V1 pre-alpha, 8 new hires with core focus on first mini-game and multiplayer.

  • Golden plates yet to be found!

  • MyLobbi (E2's social media app) still in pipeline as E2V1 is getting prioritized.

  • Contract system still sometime away, mechanisms are being planned to make the broadcasting system and other upcoming systems easier to handle for large land holders.

  • A few hundred users will be involved in the initial testing phase of the E2V1 pre-alpha.

Full transcript

User: Shane, I read E2 CMs last message. Wishing you safety for you and your family, I hope you resolve the issue.

Shane: Thank you @Endless Sora - I sincerely appreciate your message.

WTF!!!!! Why are people like this. I'm so sorry for you Shane. I hope they find the guy and lock him up for very long time. There is no call for any of that type of talk. Oh this infuriates me.

Luckily we know who it is. I know I get targeted often but targeting family, women and children is just pathetic. It's with the police and lawyers. Thank you for your concern, much appreciated

Shane good vibes burning treasury essence. It seems to me that many people are starting their vacations, don't you take a few days to rest? Camp David by E2

I'm glad you liked that touch, it was so impressive to see that response from the Earth 2 community I felt it was the right decision. No break for me unfortunately, 7 days a week. Hopefully I can get a little time off in September or at the end of the year

Studies have shown that employees tend to work better after leave – they become less prone to accidents, they become more productive, and less likely to be stressed out. Super important to take care of yourself to be able to take care of others

I agree - but I have been doing this for such a long time it's just normalized now. I look forward to a time in the future where I can relax a little, but until we achieve / reach certain goals I just can't relax anyway.

Shane a quick question, some of E2 OG member their wallet has been wiped because of being hacked or scan to random website.. my question is .. main wallet is safe (the one holding all E2 account)? Do it running node or something like that? Just curious because I'm planning to keep my stack in account for year

I heard some rumours about that happening, to a specific guild or something? Either way, it's a reminder for people to remain careful and cautious where they connect their wallets or where / how they store their keys. We take a number of precautionary security steps with the main wallet, treasury etc. to do our best to avoid such situations. It is also the main reason we have a team reviewing all the $ESS withdrawals, there are multiple steps of review to each withdrawal to avoid even the slim chance of someone trying to push through an illegitimate withdrawal.

gm Shane, any update on resources ? and resource stakes ?

morning RCM ! Our team has been working on updates and fixes for the resource systems, hopefully they will roll out this week

You have been busy for quite long time. Would you let us know what sort of things make you so busy in these days? It would be good to understand current situation of Earth2 and things to come.

Yes, I have been. I guess in addition to the consistent releases and progress you see publicly, and the normal daily responsibilities I have as a CEO, there is definitely a big focus on E2V1 in the background right now. We have recently hired 8 new team members in this area with core focus on the first mini-game and multiplayer. The sooner we can release the pre-alpha of E2V1 the better, next step in that journey will be starting to test different facets of E2V1 with our selected alpha testers.

Speaking of plates, I wonder how's the golden one doing

nobody has solved it yet to my knowledge - and sorry no more clues!

If the answer has anything to do with putting a message on the wall at the treasury..... then I might have solved it quite a while back. Not sure if you ever get time to check that anymore considering how super busy you are.

hi Predict! Hope you're well. I am sorry, it is not related to the treasury. I think if it is solved one day I will make it known and give Players some time to notify if they had already solved it previously. Obviously such an answer would need to be clearly visible on public social media with the correct date (not a date that could be edited)

There's no more time to work on solving it..... you're keeping us too busy. That's a good thing though. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope you're well too!

yeah sorry about that .. I know you have a lot of your plate but I want you to know I am constantly thinking about the contract system and how we can alleviate some of the burden to large land holders. It may be some time away, but because I am aware of this I am trying to make the broadcasting and another yet to be announced system a bit easier to handle for large land holders. Just wanted to let you know I'm keeping this in mind

Shane what is the deal with MyLobbi? Is that something in the pipeline?

It is in the pipeline, just E2V1 should be the next goal. I want to get lobbi released and may do so soon, but it will kill me, I already know this so trying to focus on E2V1

Today is the day I want to eat Australian steak. I'm planning to travel to Australia soon and I'm looking for someone to go to Brisbane for steak

oh nice one! Hope it tasted good. If you travel to Australia be sure to let us know - I have met a few Earth 2 Players face to face who travelled here in the past, would be my pleasure to say hello ( though I have been advised I need to get a bodyguard for future meetings, it's really ridiculous but apparently I need to keep safe and take precaution..)

Are there issues with some special T1 props not generating E-ther?

I don't believe so. We've had one of our senior dev monitoring this and all looks to be working ok. Sometimes it could be a Jewel slotting issue, but otherwise I am told the spawn rate increase is working correctly. The team has even been tracking down profiles of people who complained in order to check it carefully and even those came back clear

I am very happy to see various announcements made these days. We are looking forward to E2V1 Pre-Alpha testers. Approximately how many people do you plan to hire? 100 people? 1000 people?

I am not sure on the exact number, I believe we have different groups. But we will be testing different facets of E2V1, so there will be stages. I would say probably a few hundred will be involved in the initial testing split into smaller groups

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