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Earth 2 'Blackpaper' FULL SUMMARY!

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

Earlier today, Earth 2 released the first public draft of its plans for the future. It covers 40 pages, which is far too long for a regular user to read. I scanned the entire document and made a summary for all to read below:

Find the official PDF here

Earth 2 released some statistics totalling their achievements:

They also mentioned that in total, only 274 brilliant jewels exist in the game, and labelled themselves as 'The People's Metaverse', which seems to be their new slogan.

The 5 different types of 'Player'

The Base Player: Consumers 'looking for experiences, play-to-earn opportunities, rewards.'

Players can create an avatar, explore Earth 2, access P2E, and store Essence/E$

View full list:

The Landowner: Players 'who own land on Earth2'

Landowners can hire players (think Axie Infinity Scholarships), manage their land, have more voting rights, advertise and trade items.

View full list:

The EcoSim Player: Players who 'specialise in various forms of the Earth 2 Economic Simulator system'

EcoSim Players can produce and trade resources, harvest and craft jewels and build 'automated Defence Systems for Properties' ooh!

View full list:

The Gamer: A Player who 'specialises in playing the real time traditional video games that will exist as PvP options inside the Earth 2 Metaverse'

Gamers can fly, create and customise DRONES, create Guilds, earn Red Co-Op Energy, control territory and 'pillage'

View full list:

The Creator Player: 'The Creator Player is a Player who specialises in areas of creativity within Earth 2'

They can create Megacities, EcoSim buildings, mint creations, Earn Yellow Co-Op Energy'

View full list:

The E-Dollar (E$)

'E-Dollars is a stable in-game currency pegged to the USD value.' (likely a cryptocurrency). Real world fiat currency can be used to purchase E-Dollars. E-Dollars will remain an option to purchase new land for a longer term, but Earth 2 plans to replace some E-Dollar payments with Essence.


The full name of Mentar is 'Elementarizer'. There was some very detailed Earth 2 lore explaining how a Mentar works which can be found by clicking on the arrow below:

Elementarizer Lore

3 Ways to get Essence:

1. Owning land by the construction of Mentars (see the determining factors of E-ther production in the table below)

2. Engagement: Players who validate resources on the Player Resource Validation System and those who are active in megacities and countries will receive Essence.

3. Adoption: Airdrops are isolated Essence rewards given by Earth 2. There will be additional airdrops in the future.

You will also be able to purchase Essence via a decentralised exchange, and grow your holdings via Staking and future mechanics.

Essence Utility

1. EPLs (Earth 2 Property Locator) – Existing Essence can be used to purchase or rename an EPL.

2. Jewels - Existing Essence is necessary for improving a Player’s Jewels. See Jewels for more information.

3. Resources (Upcoming) Essence is necessary for the production of Resources. See Resources for more information.

4. Upgrading T2 Properties to T1 (Upcoming) The price to upgrade a T2 Property to a T1 Property will be pinned to the T1 E$ value of the land in that country. The amount of Essence required will be determined by the value of Essence on the decentralised exchanges.

Further use cases for Essence will be released, including validation of Resources on a Property and the construction of Holobuildings.

There was also some currently known information about Mentars, Jewels and E-Ther. If you'd like to view that info, scroll to page 18 on the PDF linked at the start of the article.


The first set of Resources to exist will be: Oil, Coal, Gold, Limestone, Freshwater, Wood, Sand, Iron.

Raw Materials are a core part of what everything is built from in Earth 2. Almost every type of building developed inside of Earth 2 needs Raw Materials for construction. While Raw Materials will mostly be used to construct EcoSim Buildings and produce Building Blocks, they will also be necessary for research, upgrades and maintenance.

A hierarchy of Resources will be introduced, widening the tech tree and making it very difficult to master all aspects of resource production. E2 recommends you choose a couple aspects of resources, and unlock that side of the tech tree as far as possible.

A new EcoSim building was introduced: The Weaver. They use Essence to produce a set amount of Raw Material per tile.

View all information about the Weaver's function

EcoSim Buildings

EcoSim Buildings are a special, pre-configured type of building with a specific purpose inside the Economic Simulator.

They can be categorized as follows:

The Mentar, which transforms Resources and yields Essence through the detection and conversion of E-ther.

Storage Buildings consisting of a certain number of Storage Units, which translate into a set volume of Resources that can be stored. (Players with Holobuildings placed on their Properties will receive backdated storage capability, as well as the direct ability to transfer their Holobuilding Storage size into Storage Buildings when they are released)

Industry Buildings, which convert Resources into Building Blocks and other assets.

Research Buildings, which are needed to research and learn Blueprints, see Blueprint definition.

A Storage Unit is the unit of measurement for storage space on a property. Freshwater and Gold, for example, have a vastly different value to volume ratio. Every Resource has its own volume to Storage Unit conversion rate.

Blueprints: To create Assets from Building Blocks, the corresponding Blueprint must be researched first. Blueprints can be researched through Research Buildings at a cost of Resources and Essence.

Assets: An Asset is the umbrella term for singular finished products physically present on properties, e.g. a house, a drone, a marketing billboard, or a pen. They are created from Building Blocks through Industry Buildings and can be traded on the Bazaar.

A Building Block is a prefabricated part needed to create an asset, e.g. steel beams or bricks. They are created from Resources through Industry Buildings and will be tradable on the Bazaar.


PvP Players will have the ability to create guilds and put their skills and assets up for hire. PvP Players will also be able to control territories and gain rewards for the control of that territory that may include percentages of production of the property control.

There will be a system that records flight and battle history of PvP Players and they will be able to align with Landowners to work together for mutual benefit. The narrative will be based around Players who remotely control Player Created Vehicles from afar to carry out battles, missions and other tasks inside of Earth 2. There will be reasons for PvP Players to interact with all other Player types (LandOwners, EcoSim, Creator) inside of Earth 2.

Official Earth 2 Social Media Platform

Earth 2 will be releasing its own official Earth 2 Social Media Platform later in 2022. This platform will include initial features such as encrypted messages, images, profiles and AR.

View full list here:

Essence Tokenomics

- 5,000,000,000 total supply

- 112,000,000 current circulating supply

- Disinflationary model (cap on Essence generation)

- On the Polygon ERC-20 Ethereum Blockchain

Token Allocation

51%: To the Players in the form of Play 2Earn, Airdrops and community rewards.

25%: To the E2 Team - Yes, you heard that right - I so hope they clarify the meaning of this in the whitepaper!

24%: Remaining for advertising, operational costs and Ecosystem Fund (still way too much!)

Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO)

All Earth 2 tiles will be minted into NFTs which serve as a DAO governed by the tiles' owners. Voting rights are awarded based on essence and tile ownership. Holders of these NFT’s will be able to participate in governance decisions brought up for voting inside the Earth 2 Metaverse. Holders will be able to submit DAO proposals, and will be able to vote on those proposals as well.

1. Every Player inside Earth 2 will have the ability to vote, whether they own virtual land or not. However, owners of land will have much higher voting rights and voting power.

T1 land will have more voting rights than T2 Land.

2. Tile owners will have 5 different areas they can cast their votes. They will be able to vote themselves or assign their vote to another Player. They will be able to vote once with their full voting power for every voting issue raised inside each voting area. Each tile owner will be able to vote on :

• Earth 2 voting issues on a global scale

• Voting issues located in the country the tile is owned for country level voting issues

• Voting issues for the state or territory the tile is owned for state / territory voting issues

• Tile owners can assign voting power to one megacity and vote on megacity voting issues

• Tiles owners can assign voting power to one guild and vote on guild voting issues

Past and Future Roadmap:

The roadmap contains several acronyms for as-yet-unknown functions.

If you found this article useful please consider donating as articles like this take multiple hours to produce for the community.

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Mar 04, 2022

40 pages is too long? Is that because you stopped reading in 5th grade when half the pages weren't pictures anymore? Give me a break, Chapters in a Novel can be 40 or more pages, this just seems like a desperate attempt to say "TRUST ME GUYS". I'll trust you as far as I can throw you


Feb 24, 2022

Seems like there will be a lot of burning of Essence. I'm conflicted. Some games allow for a slower collection of base "resources" without having to spend $. If you are burning Essence, that could be quite costly. Some people built lots of Holobuildings hoping resource production would be back dated. If it requires burning, Essence that doesn't seem like it will be the case. Thoughts?

Feb 24, 2022
Replying to

agreed - it seems like everything costs money now


Feb 24, 2022
I did not understand. If I want to have, for example, an art gallery or whatever, a shop in my lands, can other players steal my stuff if I don't have protection? Even if I don't want to participate in this kind of game?
Feb 24, 2022
Replying to

You will have the option to opt-In with the gaming mechanics


Feb 23, 2022

awesome job, toba. thank you.

Feb 23, 2022
Replying to

Thanks for reading 😁


Feb 23, 2022

hmmmmmmmm so essence will be $1 per 1?

Feb 23, 2022
Replying to

Who knows... we can dream!

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