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Nathaniel shares updates in E2O discord gen-chat (12th May 2021)

Nathaniel the lead game developer for hopped in today sharing some updates on the development.

Key take-aways include:-

  • As E2 works on Phase 2/3 it is expanding its team. Work on Phase-3 already has started

  • Firm date on Phase-2 including EPL & Essence isn't available and depends on the 'massive opportunity' Shane is working on (referring to Shane's tweet about Essence)

  • New biomes are being worked upon

  • The game engine (which is built on top of Unity) optimization is on-going and would look 'much better' than what we saw in the latest terrain video

  • Re-confirming that underwater buildings could be a thing

  • Phase-3 terrain could be based on 'Aster Gdem 3'

  • Players/ objects would be inspired by 'Dual Universe' where many players can be together in 1 place

  • Settlements in-game could be seen in Phase-2 ! (that's some good news)

  • Timelines around phase-2 a question still - read E2.News take on this at the end of this article

Below is the transcript of the chat

Question: Hope you and the team are good

Nathaniel: Yes we're fine, working hard on phase 2/3 and expanding the team

Q: Phase 2 still due to launch before july?(edited)

N: Shane explained that one in his tweet (referring to -

Q: how much longer of a timeframe are we looking at before we hear more about Essence/EPL/Phase 2 - any idea?

N: I don't know exactly, depends on the massive opportunity Shane is working on.

Q: Any sort of anything u can give as too what ur working on ?

N: I'm working on Phase 3

Q: Any idea when can we expect new biomes demo ?

N: Not yet, but we're working on it, what we showed was just a prototype.

Q: But it was real time rendered? You have the engine finished yet?

N: Yes, but it still needs to be optimized more and will look much better, as this was just made by me.

Q: Do you think we are going to be' able to build underwater? And also dig tunnel

N: Yes we would like to have building underwater

Q: Will there be a brand new engine built by someone else then? Or improvements to the existing one?

N: We're building on top of Unity, it's one of the fastest engines to code in. Unity is making great progress with the C# Burst compiler which gives amazing performance on the CPU

Q:How often do you look at the actual game website ?

N: I check it a few times a week also the stats.

Updates on sources for Terrain & Mineral Sites

Q: What will happens with location like Niagara falls that look broken with the 3D map of Mapbox ?

N: For Phase 3, I downloaded the Aster GDEM 3 of the entire world, will be based on that.

Q: It's (Aster) a big elevation map from the looks of it

N: Yes it's the entire world in 30m resolution (30m per pixel)

E2.News comment: This seems like terrain would vary in units of 3x3 (30mx30m)

Q: So Mount Everest, Uluru all natural creations will be identical?

N: No that's just the heightmap, we'll have many biomes like Earth 1

Q: Have you decided what data source you'll use to identify mineral sites?

N: Not entirely, but MapBox has info on that we might use that

On the E2 multiverse design and scalability

Q: There's been speculation around server sizes, world instances, how many players, objects etc can fit in any given area. Are you able to provide info there?

N: We'd love to have it similar to Dual Universe where many players can be together in 1 place

Q: As in one multiverse or individual servers?

N: One multiverse

Q: How do you anticipate servers handling millions of people interacting with one another at one time when current servers can't handle a few hundred thousand mouse-clicks?

N: That will be done from scratch by the most skilled devs in the world.

Q: Are we building first settlements using the web in P2 or in-game in P3?

N: P2

As much as this was an insightful chat with Nathaniel, The E2 community was seen seeking some answers on timelines which Nathaniel couldn't answer (referring to Shane's tweets). The gen-chat conversation that followed expressed disappointment on lack of updates pertaining to timelines.

E2.News take - While we want the dev team to get the 'massive opportunity' right, it will help if there is an update regarding timelines or even a broader roadmap - since it has almost been 4 weeks since we delayed P2 and with limited updates following that.
Looking at this objectively, while we remain one of the biggest supporters of the game - the fact is that E2 has this unenviable challenge to get the development going both fast and accurate. Accurate - because they'll get only one shot at this (essence/blockchain). Fast - because the space in which finds itself, there is something new happening every 3 months and there are bigger names in the gaming industry who aggressively pursuing their own metaverses (Epic Games/Sony/Nvidia). We want to WIN and WIN BIG !
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