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Uncle Shane WANTS You!

*Author's Note - no animals were harmed in the making of this terrible photo of Uncle Shane. If anyone would like to be the on call photo editor in exchange for tiles, drop me a line on discord (thehazyone#7873). founder Shane Isaac took to Twitter earlier today with a call for action from Megacities and YouTube content providers. It quickly grabbed the attention of Earth2lings as the tweet has 45 retweets and 227 comments as of the time of this article being written.

So what are they looking for exactly to trial? A popular theory in the Discord was for a potential marketing video (H/T Ampersand) while another theorized that maybe they wanted to include them in unknown traffic areas (H/T skyytonyy). The marketing one seems to make the most sense but only time will tell who the development team chooses and how they are utilized.

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