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Hosterjack's Earth2 Answers - Compilation.

Here are 9 KEY answers to common questions - answered by active Discord moderator Hosterjack.

Click on any image to view it in full

Part 1 - In response to allegations of Shane being sketchy

Part 2 - In response to bot allegations

Part 3 - In response to withdrawal questions

Part 4 - In response to bad customer support questions

Author's note - I received a reply from support in under 12 hours. Very streamlined and friendly.

Part 5 - In response to investor issues

Part 6 - In response to PayPal questions

Part 7 - In response to server quality questions

Part 8 - In response to post deletions

Part 9 - In response to Terms of Service issues

Please contact Hosterjack | on the official Discord if you have any questions and/or concerns.

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