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Metaverse gets a shot in the arm - courtesy Facebook

For those of us living under a rock, Facebook yesterday restructured their company and introduced its parent company brand 'Meta'. Facebook ahem Meta has made no secret of their Metaverse ambitions.

The fallout of yesterday's Facebook connect event ( sent the valuation of Metaverse skywards:

Source: Kucoin

$MANA which is Decentraland's crypto surged as high as 70%

Earth2 Reaction

It wont be unjustified to say that the increased attention to the Metaverse would have only positively impacted Earth2's value. We can only guess what would have happened if Earth2 had a listed token. Shane, CEO - Earth2, tweeted the below in response to the Facebook event.

For the first time we have seen Shane tweet with a #playerowned tag. We could only guess that Earth2 is planning at least some level of decentralization, which is really good news. Many proponents argue that the Metaverse is better off decentralized rather not.

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