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Earth 2 “Network” Humble Beginnings

The following is a press release directly taken from the website.

Today we are excited to introduce the humble beginnings of the Earth 2 “Network”. The Earth 2 Network will become the centralised system where information, communication, notifications and more are delivered to our Players on Earth 2. Anything of relevance to you as a Player will be found inside the Earth 2 Network over time.

Today, the first part of the Earth 2 Network will be released in the form of the communication hub, a place where you can conveniently receive updates on your E-ther detection, spawned Jewels, Bids, Marketplace Updates and more.

Over time the Earth 2 Network will expand to include a fully fledged social media and communication platform, something which has been in production for some time and is drawing closer to release.

We thank you for your support and for joining us on this journey as we piece together the numerous core features necessary to make the Earth 2 platform a robust and successful player driven geo-locational Metaverse.

We appreciate your patience as our team continues to work on numerous other exciting Earth 2 updates and partnerships, many of which we look forward to sharing with you, our Player, soon.

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