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Creating a Free Metaverse

Disclaimer: The views brought forward by 'FrazierDanger' do not necessarily represent those of E2.News

If you’ve been paying attention, you know we live in a world where businesses universally require access to digital banking as a rule. You also know that there are issues with freedom of speech in the modern world including access to payment processors and banking services in general.

On August 30th, 2021, it was reported that General Michael Flynn’s credit cards were all cancelled because he posed a “reputational risk” according to Michael Flynn was the former security advisor for the Trump Administration, and his political views were recently deemed non-conforming.

(Retraction: On September 1st, it was reported that General Flynn had received an apology from Chase Bank, who claimed that the Flynn family had received the notice by accident. It also came out that the account belonged to Lori, General Flynn's wife. It was also only the one account.)

OnlyFans, after making millions or perhaps billions of dollars off of the business of millions of people contributing to independent content creators for sexually explicit content attempted to change their business model to make themselves more brand-friendly, but also to make banks “More comfortable” with doing business with them.

Youtube stars are demonetized, profitable online businesses and retailers are denied web hosting and other services, and even online communities are destroyed because their opinions are not politically expedient, even if millions of people were interacting with or doing business with them on a daily basis.

BitChute struggles to pull a profit because banks won't work with them.

Bitchute, Subscribestar, and many other alternative digital content creation spaces and creator support have struggled to have consistent, viable options for maintaining their business models because banks refuse to do business with them on the basis that they support what they call “hate speech,” “violence,” or otherwise disreputable behavior.

So, why am I writing this article about Earth 2? Earth 2 isn’t a place with hate speech, violence, or disreputable behavior, is it?

Well, is it?

Of course, it is. If It’s a place where people will go to be themselves, it’s going to contain everything that humans do. Why else would we want to go there? Furthermore, how would anyone be able to make any money?

How many of us would be happy living in a world that would appeal to global corporations if it meant we had to strip ourselves of our own desires, to allow an international corporation to cater to people who aren't even really interested in the metaverse?"

So, now that we’ve asked that question, and since we know the answer would be that almost nobody would be bothered to go to a place where you can’t speak your mind, have fun, or engage in liberating and novel relationships with consenting partners - then we have a problem which is not just possible, but inevitable: corporate and banking shutouts.

When it comes out that a successful Earth 2 is a free speech, free expression, free love platform, where people are liberated to do what they want and are free to consent to any activity which is otherwise legitimate among adults, there will be attacks on it.

Unfortunately, Banks and Corporations in the modern world have a history of taking explicit political views, and almost none of them are in favor of free speech. Amazon’s AWS will quietly terminate their cloud hosting for E2, payment processors such as VISA will bar E2 from conducting business through them. They will attack E2 and the E2 community as a place where hate is allowed to speak, and there will be articles describing E2 as an alt-right community, because of its commitment to free speech.

None of this is possible to avoid if Earth 2 is to be successful, because E2 requires free speech to be successful. There is no other way for Earth 2 to be successful without disreputable content.

We want to be liberated by what comes next, not held down by it; if banks and corporations, or our governments want to tell us what to do, I’ll happily stand side by side with all of you to fight for a free metaverse, but I want you to remember along the way that a free metaverse depends on a free world, and that starts with you.

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