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Earth2Day & Active Player Essence Rewards

Press Release by Earth 2 (sourced from

The Acknowledgement of Earth Day and the introduction of Earth 2 Day marked with Essence rewards for Active Players

We hope all is well and we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Earth Day, 2022.

Earth Day was first proposed as a day where we, as its inhabitants, would honour the Earth and the concept of peace. This notion was developed into a calendar event and duly named “Earth Day” by Gaylord Nelson and Denis Hayes, the latter being directly responsible for expanding the event beyond its original idea which would lead to the largest single day protest in human history involving over 20 million people on its inauguration.

52 years on and this day continues to serve as an annual reminder of our obligation to protect our environment, restore damaged ecosystems, live a more sustainable life and much more. Remaining vigilant across these objectives returns a positive outlook not only for humanity, but for all living inhabitants of our planet, Earth.

Earth 2 has long term goals to provide assistance back to Earth 1 across numerous noteworthy causes including humanitarian, environmental, educational and more. We often refer to this as our E24E1 initiative.

Our commitment to building our own 1:1 scale digital replication of the planet Earth provides Earth 2 with the opportunity to propagate visually influential 3D environments to create awareness on various issues, including those related to the environment. Over time we plan to leverage on this opportunity to drive awareness for important relevant global causes.

As a reminder of this goal our team would like to reserve a day each year for Earth 2 and its community to review the effectiveness of support we are directing back to help Earth 1, how we are utilizing our digital world to raise awareness for relevant issues and how we could improve all such initiatives moving forward.

The day following Earth Day makes the most sense for this day as Earth 2 was made in the image of Earth. Therefore we would like to reserve April 23rd for Earth2Day moving forward. By #Earth2Day 2023 we aim to have steady #E24E1 initiatives in place and in turn have something noteworthy to celebrate on this new day.

To mark the beginning of Earth2Day we will be rewarding all active Earth 2 Players with x3 the Essence they successfully transformed over the 22nd and the 23rd of April. The 22nd being more of a retroactive reward to those who are regularly transforming their Essence and the 23rd being for those who are keeping up to date with our announcements, such as this one.

For Players who transform 0-3 Essence over these two days, you will receive the balance to a total of 10 Essence as a bonus (i.e if you transform 3 Essence then your bonus will be 3×3= 9 + 1 extra to make 10. If you transform 0 then your bonus will be 0x0=0 + 10 to make 10) Thereby rewarding all who acknowledge the commencement of Earth2Day.

Rewards will be added to Player accounts on or before the 3rd of May, 2022 and we expect the bonus to be somewhere between 500,000 to 700,000 Essence in total.

As a final memento of the first Earth2Day and Earth Day alike, we thought it fitting to share the beauty of our planet Earth in the form of a short video using our digital Earth, the WIP E2V1, spinning 4 looped rotations.

Thank you for your ongoing support and please stay tuned for further updates including the next dev vlogs covering the Lignator followed by the Research Lab and more.

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