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Earth 2 Vlog#3: Initial 256 biomes in-game

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Earth 2 is developing the foundation of the Earth 2 3D World with great care and we [E2] feel confident the custom engine we demo in this video has the right foundation to:

- reflect accurate locations of Player owned tiles

- allow for the construction of environments with tens of thousands of varying types of buildings (EcoSim, Commercial, Residential, Educational, Travel, Retail, Defensive & many more) to facilitate anything from a self sufficient property hidden in the mountains to a fully-fledged megacity metropolis

- allow for Player influenced flying craft, space ships, ships, droids, trains and other vehicles

- and support an initial 256 biomes that will spread out across our vast digital replication of Earth delivering a world that's visually aesthetic, interesting and different at the same time.

Find it below:

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