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Earth2 Market Opens Soon

In a few hours, the Earth2 Land Marketplace will once again open after the 14-day hiatus. To recall, the market freeze was implemented to give an opportunity for players to reassess their listings following the land tiering announcement and Essence Distribution commitment (EDC) for the then-existing Earth2 landowners.

A few hours ago Earth 2 announced that the Marketplace opening is imminent in just a few short hours and reminded users to re-check their listings should they want to reconsider.

Additional updates and bug fixes are also expected to roll in. Especially the fix regarding the Essence bug where many accounts have Ether which they are unable to convert to Essence is expected to roll in as well

User Strategy

Interestingly, a Twitter poll conducted by E2News shows users divided in their preferences for allocating their purchases. A significant number of users find the cheap price of T2 appealing over the T1 land which will be available soon once the marketplace opens.

Additionally, some users have been seen to lap up the cheap jewels available in the bazaar, even as other players are listing them for cheap in a bid to shore up their E$ balance to prepare for the market opening.

We wish everyone all the best!

*The story first broke on our Twitter. For our fastest updates follow us on Twitter (@E2News)

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