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'Base Tiles' may be just days away

Buying tiles in London, Seoul or Manhattan for 10 cents in late 2021

Users on the Earth 2 test site have discovered a mysterious new 'T1' balance on their accounts. It seems all new land bought from e2's primary market will be classified as 'Tier 2' upon release to the main server. Preexisting land will be collectively known as Tier 1 and have significant benefits over Tier2. Tile classes (1-4) appear to remain in tact.

Although nothing has been announced officially yet, it appears T2 will be upgradable to T1 using essence. However, T2 land may not have slots, collect essence, receive land income tax or support electronic property locators.

The great news is, everything so far unsold is likely to be repriced to 10 cents, with the cost set to rise again in each respective country. Just think, you can finally buy that Scottish Castle that somehow got overlooked and seemed too expensive.

It is thought that the update may be just a few days away. The test site also hints at a blanket 2 week freeze from trading properties (in order to protect absent players from losing land that remains listed on the marketplace without under-standing the changes). The bazaar will likely continue to function as usual, assuming players trade Crystals on the test server.

The speculation and excitement brought on by this tantalizing test site activity has contributed to yet another massive buying frenzy as people rush to get 'T1' tiles.

Oh, and they changed the symbol for essence.

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1 Comment

Frazier Danger
Frazier Danger
Dec 03, 2021

If tile prices are artificially lowered for a lower value tile, what happens to our rental market? Stuff like this is BOUND to cause issues. Still, I want to buy my neighborhood and I live in America.

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