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Earth2 and Vicarious PR end relationship

In a sharp turn of events, Vicarious PR and Earth2 seem to have ended their relationship. It is not clear yet what transpired or which side ended the relationship. But we found out about this via a social media reply from Lewis Burnell - who was until recently driving the Earth2 relationship from Vicarious PR's side.

To recall, Earth2 had hired Vicarious in late June to handle the platform's PR duties (see: Before Lewis, Vicarious had assigned Wahid Lodin to the Earth2 account who has already quit Vicarious. Lewis, while coming in, had said then that he plans to be more 'hands-on' and that he did not like the passive approach of his predecessor Wahid in handling Earth2 duties.

Just few weeks ago, Lewis had laid out a seemingly impressive plan on how he aims to 'turn the ship around' outlining an 8-point agenda (see:, adding 'there's a lot to do, but nothing that's too challenging to overcome. I'm excited, and I'm a fairly open book - I'm here to help not to hinder.' Lewis also mentioned that he had submitted his report on these lines to Earth2 and is waiting to hear back from them. However, since then nothing much was heard on what happened, even as many in Earth2 community were left wondering on the silence adopted by Lewis in the E2 discord. E2News also verifies that Lewis and other Vicarious staff have quit Earth2 official discord as well.

We can only speculate what could be the reason for this abrupt end of things between Vicarious and Earth2 since we have not received any official word from Earth2 yet, even as Lewis has put the onus on Earth2 to inform the community of this development - and rightly so. However, this is far from a positive sign anyone was looking for in the current scheme of things, even as Earth2 enters its anniversary week. It would be interesting to see what has to say about this development and whether there will be a new agency soon.

This is a developing story


After posting this article, multiple users reached out to E2.News, with the theory that E2 CEO Shane Isaac’s earlier Twitter post probably was referring to this development.

He had written: ’Faces change for reasons' probably referring to disagreements with Vicarious PR.

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