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Earth2 PR appears in Gen Chat - Recap!

Lewis Burnell, the brand new PR Manager for Earth 2, chatted with users and highlighted some key areas for improvement that the Ex-PR Manager, Wahid Lohin, failed to address.

Here are some key takeaways, directly quoted from his messages in bold:

Lewis Burnell, Image courtesy of Vicarious PR

Lewis stated that he has 'completed [his] report [on the community concerns]' and now is the 'account manager for E2 and has been trying to get up to speed'

When asked about the contents of the report, he replies that 'it covers multiple areas, from team communication, press releases, community engagement, moderation..all sorts'

E2 Content Creator 'Nameless' recently announced he was selling half his portfolio claiming that there was a lack of transparency and 'blatant lies' from Earth2. When questioned on whether he was being influenced by a particularly loud member of the community, Burnell denies the claim and states 'it's important to listen to everyone' and reassures users that 'If you've a community, and would like me to talk to you - please just ask - I've time for everyone'

This is particularly affirming to community leaders that their voice is being listened to.

Burnell later guarantees users of total transparency: 'Well I'm a big believer in transparency and roadmaps that are accurate (or as much as humanly possible).'

I'm also a big believer in community engagement and chatting to the fans that make a game...well, a game.'

Lewis also told us that 'multiple language surveys' will be coming, adding that there are 'translators at Vicarious - that is planned'

His 8 Point list:

Burnell highlights 8 key actions that need to be taken to point the ship on course:

1. Regularly surveying the community to address concerns and identify key issues.

2. Be an active part in the community so that they have a direct contact they feel they can share concerns with.

3. Ensure that press releases are produced in a timely fashion, distributed to media and pre-pitched on time.

4. Convey press releases and positive key updates at least monthly - there's lots of great things surrounding the project.

5. Feature some community members and tell their stories, why they're part of E2 and what the game means to them. I've no doubt you've all fantastic stories to tell.

6. Open up communication channels with Shane and team, to take part in town halls, AMA's and text-lead Q&A's.

7. Allow the development team to chat to you once more - you shouldn't feel you can't.

8. Aim for by-weekly blog posts to keep the community updated on development.

He adds 'there's a lot to do, but nothing that's too challenging to overcome. I'm excited, and I'm a fairly open book - I'm here to help not to hinder.'

The community seems to love him!

Toba, out.

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