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The cavalry is here!

A few days ago Shane mentioned they have hired a PR agency. Its revealed now that the said agency is 'Vicarious PR' (

Their website reads :- "Vicarious PR is a new and exciting video game public relations company. We tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Basically, PR done right."

We also saw two members added to E2 Official Discord with role 'E2 - PR'. These are - ErinB & KAEONA, representing Vicarious PR.

Introducing Vicarious, Erin says - "We have a very dynamic team over at Vicarious, we have prided ourselves on working with many different game types and platforms, were always growing and evolving along with the current trends and expectations of our clients and there communities"

It must be recalled that Vicarious is coming in hot on the heels of the recent attacks from certain Youtubers who raised questions about the viability of Earth2, to which Erin responds -

"I have been doing my homework and reviewing a lot of videos on the game, some are good some are negative but that is always to be expected with all new big launch games."

E2.News welcomes Vicarious PR and wishes them all the best - and hey if you need any help Erin/KAEONA don't be shy to give us a shout!

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