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Civilians XP + Raid Commander Targeting System

*Below is a summary and the detailed press release by Earth 2 on Civilians & how things around them work


  • Civilians are soon to be introduced as a feature which will allow players to automate raiding

  • Civilians will be able to gather XP and get more efficient as they rank up.

    • XP is gathered when ether is successfully dispensed

    • XP is split evenly between number of civilians on that property

    • 0.01 Ether = 1 XP

E2News comment:- Big props will see civilians rank up faster
  • Raid Commander allows automating raiding on multiple target properties as it gains XP and levels up.

  • 25 Ether & 4RE is required to synthesize one civilian. Up to 3 civilians currently can be synthesized per property with more to come. Civilians need to be synthesized sequentially and one civilian can be synthesized at one time.

  • To sustain a civilian 4 RE per week is required (against 1RE per week stated in an earlier announcement)

E2News comment:- Sustenance cost increase by 400% is a significant change. For example, if you have 3 civilians on the property - 4 RE per civilian per week would mean 0.57 RE per day per civilian or 0.57 x 3 civilians =1.71 RE per property per day!
To illustrate:- An account with 100 properties with 3 civilians on each will need to raid 171 RE/Ether a day just to keep the civilians! Once the upcoming 2 civilians are added this jumps to 285 RE/Ether a day. This looks slightly on the expensive side in our humble opinion esp. if RE is going to have other uses inside Earth 2. This will require users to be careful how they plan to add civilians and whether their addition is accretive or not for that particular property (esp. smaller properties)


Before Civilians are deployed to our Stage 2 pre-production server, we would like to provide an update to our Earth 2 Community about how the new Civilians XP and Raid Commander Auto-Target system will function.

We would also like to point out that Red Energy Sustenance, Civilians XP and the expanded Raid Commander Auto-Target system are new expansions to the original Civilians concept which subsequently caused a delay on the previously scheduled release of the initial Civilians system.

“These new systems are deep and intricate and I’d like to take a moment to thank our BE developers, FE developers, game designers, QA, UI/UX team and others who have managed to design the mechanics, design the interface, implement the backend, code and connect the frontend and run initial quality assurance checks, all in a record time considering how complicated these new additional expansions are and how they needed to be merged into the original concept”, said Shane Isaac, Founder of Earth 2.

“The newly introduced game mechanics help form a more robust game loop, reward players who progress with better skilled and better functioning Civilians, allow Raid Commanders to target multiple properties, introduce an early version of the sustenance concept which ties back to direct Player activity, provides new strategic play and very importantly it allowed us to create, design and develop systems that we can test for planned adoption in other parts of the EcoSim.”


While Civilians will help Players manage their properties and tasks inside Earth 2, improving Civilians abilities will require more than E-ther and Red Energy to synthesise and sustain them. This is where the new Civilians XP system will come in handy.

The Civilians XP system will allow Players to level up their Civilians, boosting productivity and obtaining new skills through hands-on experience. The first Civilians, which will assist Players to execute their Raiding activities, will gain XP from successful Raids when E-ther is dispensed on that property. Initially, every 0.01 E-ther dispensed will equate to 1 XP.

It takes a team effort between the Civilians to Charge, Raid and Dispense, therefore, the XP is evenly split between however many Civilians Players have dedicated to their Raiding system for each specific property. If a Player has 3 Civilians on one property and that property dispenses 3 E-ther, that would equate to 300 XP, with each Civilian receiving 100 XP.

Players will be able to check their Civilian’s XP level by following the below steps:

  1. Go to the Civilians tab to see all Civilians

2. Select a Civilian from the list to see their Civilian Info – the current XP details can be found under the Civilian image including which Level the Civilian is on currently and how much XP is required to reach the next level.

3. To improve Civilian XP through automated tasks, ensure the Civilian is active. Players are able to adjust the Civilian’s active tasks (depending on the Civilian) by going to the Civilian Ability tab and editing their current tasks.

4. These 2 images show the difference between a Space Force Raid Commander Civilian that is at Level 2 XP vs. level 6 XP (the current highest level).

It is important to note that Players can gain XP for their Civilians even when Raiding manually, effectively teaching any Civilians they have on that property by executing the task themselves. For example, if a Level 1 E-ther Reckoner is due to start dispensing in 120 minutes, Players can manually press the Dispense button earlier, speeding up the process without losing any XP points.

Here is a helpful chart outlining the various XP points required to level up, and some of the abilities associated with each XP level.


The Raid Commander has the unique ability to target properties and automatically launch raids for a Player. Players are able to not only select which properties to Auto Raid, but they can easily adjust which properties are targeted by adding or removing favorite icon types to the Auto Raid target icon interface.

There are 2 prerequisites before a property can be auto-targeted by the Raid Commander :

  1. The target property MUST have been manually raided AT LEAST ONCE from the launching property and appear in the Recent List of raided properties

  2. The target property MUST have a favourite icon assigned to it AND that favourite icon MUST be added to the Auto-Raid target icon interface

Most active Raiders have developed their own system using the existing favorite icons to determine the best to worst properties to raid from their launch properties. The Raid Commander’s Auto-Targeting System allows Players to then set one or more favorite icons on the new Auto-Raid targeting interface. By adding or removing Favorite Icons from this interface, Players can determine which properties their Raid Commander should focus on launching auto-raids to.

Each property will have its own unique Auto-Raid Target Icon interface, enabling Players to customize and set different Auto-Raid Target Icons for each property they own. For example, a Player may focus on raiding blue birds, green trees and red cherries from one property or just blue birds from another.

What’s more, if a Player has selected the blue bird and green tree icon with a Level 1 Raid Commander, the Raid Commander will find the most recent blue bird OR green tree icon from the recent list and continue raiding and re-raiding that property. If the Player has a Level 2 Raid Commander, then it will find the 2nd most recent blue bird OR green tree icon from the recent list and raid that property, meaning it will alternate between raiding two different properties as opposed to one because the 2nd most recent will keep renewing, resulting in a new property taking its position on the recent list each time an auto raid occurs.

This dynamic Targeting System will allow Players to refocus their Raid Commander on different groups of target properties quickly and effectively. We designed this system instead of a numerically assigned target system which would have resulted in Players needing to manually set static lists that would require granular, individual property adjustments if Raid success rates changed.

Though our unique Targeting System may take a little longer to understand, we are confident it will better streamline the Auto-Raiding function and require less granular adjustments by the Player in the long run.

Players will be able to set up Auto-Raiding using the Raid Commander by using the following steps:

  1. Look for the “Auto Target Properties for Raid Commander” text and press the accompanying EDIT button. This will be accessible via the existing Raid interface and the new Civilian interface

2. When “EDIT” is selected, Players will be presented with the Auto-Raid Target Icon interface which will allow them to set the favorite icons they want their Raid Commander to Target or Ignore for the selected property

3. In this particular case below, the Player has selected only the green tree as the target icon. If the Raid Commander was a Level 1, it would repeatedly raid MindeIslands. A Level 2 Raid Commander would raid Suricato, then Mindelands. A Level 3 Raid Commander would raid LOVEBTS, then Suricato, and then Mindelands. In this case, the Raid Commander is a Level 6 and the AUTO RAID button displays the order of properties the Raid Commander will target. This AUTO RAID list is determined by the target icons the Player has chosen so a Player can always visualize the results of their target icon selections.

Note that in order for a Raid Commander to auto-raid a target property, that property must have already been raided at least once manually, have a favorite icon applied, and the favorite icon must be set as a targeted icon.


To begin, Players will be able to synthesize 3 Civilians on properties of 4 tiles or larger. Each Civilian will require 25 E-ther and 4 Red Energy Units to be fully synthesized. Each Civilian will require an ongoing 4 Red Energy Units per week to sustain them, an increase from 1 Red Energy Unit as previously stated.

Only one Civilian can be synthesized at a time, the first Civilian being the E-ther Reckoner (Dispenser), the second the Cydroid Technician (Recharger) and the third Civilian that can be synthesized is the Raid Commander. The E-ther Reckoner will also have the ability to choose between automatically dispensing any E-ther stored as soon as it returns back from a Raid or to wait until the Storage is full before dispensing. It can also abort a Cydroid dispensing from Level 5 in case that Cydroid is potentially needed in sudden scenarios that could occur in the future.

To Synthesize a Civilian:

  1. Go to Civilian Management and select the Properties tab.

2. Select the property and then initiate synthesis. Player may select 1-3 Civilians for synthesis per property, initially.

3. Civilians may be synthesized one at a time or if a Player is sure they want to synthesize all three, three can be scheduled for synthetization which will automatically cause the next Civilian to start synthesizing once its predecessor has finished. The Civilians that are synthesized unlock a set order of abilities. Therefore, if Players need a Raid Commander on their property, they will need to synthesize the first 2 Civilians first.

Earth 2:- "We are excited for Players to explore the new Civilians feature on our Stage2 pre-production server in the near future. Keep an eye on our socials for upcoming announcements on the official release of Civilians, but as has historically been the case, we plan to release Civilians on the live server and ensure everything is stable before releasing the official announcement."
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