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Earth 2 rival announces 2022 manifesto

Even as the anticipation builds up for Earth 2 to release its whitepaper and roadmap, its rival Decentraland has announced what it has in store for 2022.

Ranging from improving access - Desktop client, VR client and a prototype Mobile App, to strengthening it social experience emphasizing a safe social environment, the manifesto seems to make all the right noises. True to its name, Decentraland's manifesto accentuates the deep level of decentralization the platform has already achieved even as it works to decentralize it even more!

The plan also involves more personalization of Avatars including, NFT wearables, NFT emotes, and 'smart wearables' (hmm, that's something new). Decentraland has vowed to keep adding Content Events and Activities as they work on an incubation program to add more curators from within the community.

In the context of things, its an understatement to say that Earth 2 has a lot to catch-up. However, the platform has made steady progress in the last few months especially after its anniversary announcements and its recent tech acquisition.

Earth 2 has made no secret of its desire to get to a 3D environment sooner and even if that means it starts in a low-poly environment initially.
In a discord chat with users, Shane said - 'Hopefully the next one (egg hunt) will be in an early / initial (lo-poly) version of our 3D world' (for more see Shane's chat from last week)

What's in store for Earth 2 when the 2's align?

Earth2's founder last month hinted in one of his tweets about 'when the 2's align'. We look forward to 22/2/22 and whether something interesting comes up then. Interestingly, 22nd Feb this year falls on a Tuesday - the second day in a week, and if Shane wants to take it deeper it may as well as come in at 22:22 hours UTC the same day. That's a lot of 2's there to keep an eye on. Stay tuned Earth 2.

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