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Earth 2 & Next Earth Drama - Shane takes shots!

Very recently, Next Earth posted an article on the Binance News site about their new Staking scheme. However - only today - after Shane uncovered Next Earth's shady growth tactics, was it deleted.

This deletion comes right before Shane posted a series of tweets accusing Next Earth of 'copying our ideas, not once but multiple times', and '"possibly" paying people to criticise our project & ignore yours' - Next Earth may have paid people to criticise E2. (see tweets below)

After tweeting, Shane added in reply to a user's comment:

User: 'man just look at that site, it has the same layout of E2, map, marketplace. It has the same roadmap, the same partnership!

Shane: exactly. And much more.. there are also things I can't talk about but our legal team are looking into a few things of concern. I called them out on my personal Twitter - not sure what is wrong with that? I have no problem with competition - it's great for the consumer! I have also more or less left the E2 copycats alone, their existence is understandable but we still need to have limits and all I did was point something out on Twitter. Sorry if some don't agree but there are things we know about that you guys don't. Meanwhile, in the Next Earth Discord server, users defended the company saying 'I hope Binance will return the article. Maybe some bug?' as Staff tried to steer the conversation away from Earth 2.

However, in the Earth 2 Discord server, users trivialised the issue and took the opportunity to produce memes seen below.

It is still unclear how this Binance article was deleted - did new advisor Omar Rahim pull some strings?

This post will be updated as we receive more information.

If you do have anything else to share, please contact toba#0001 on Discord.

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Ian Yates
Ian Yates
24 jun 2022

Next earth = Solana,

Earth2 = Cardano

Me gusta
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