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E2Boss cash-out and Liberia’s change of guard

Once topping Earth2’s Worldwide Leaderboard, E2THEBOSS has completely liquidated his profile and under mysterious circumstances, however, still netting a cool 110% on his initial investment. Including some referral credits which still trickle in, his cash balance stands at an eye-popping $120k. Most of it has been requested for a withdrawal, and which may well be the largest single withdrawal ever requested on the site to date.

It has been quite a ride for E2THEBOSS who took the Earth2 leaderboard by storm earlier, pumping thousands of dollars almost daily since he joined in late December 2020. Even after his exit from the game he continues to own the largest community discord comprising primarily of Earth2 players who have chosen to stick around there while his name continues to be displayed in the Top 50 leaderboard.

Post his exit from the game the one question on everyone’s mind, including the author who has the 2nd largest stake in Liberia (12k+ tiles), was what happens to the biggest Megacity on Earth2 in Liberia? Kickstarted by E2THEBOSS, and who owned almost 16k tiles there at his peak, Liberia Megacity went viral within hours of launch to emerge as the largest gathering of tiles at a single location.

However, true to the big moves in the game he has been making until his exit, E2THEBOSS ensured that the baton of Liberia along with his 16k tiles was passed on to the current biggest player in the game ‘Predict’ who sits at the top of the Leaderboard having invested well over $240k and now will champion the Liberia Megacity.

The next few questions now are:

What is Predict’s plan for Liberia who also happens to own another large city Omega at Port Sudan? She says,” Liberia is a big beautiful city full of people with goals and dreams that they’ve invested their time and money into. The opportunities there are endless and being able to help with the continued growth of the community is a great project to work on. When asked about her vision for Liberia, it's difficult to miss the twinkle in her eyes as she says ”The city will have its best success by all citizens working together to create a bustling society full of fun and business. People with businesses in Earth1 can connect them with earth 2 for exponential growth. New businesses will be started in Earth2. And throughout all of that, things will be created that offer entertainment, shopping, and more to visitors and city residents to create an atmosphere of positivity and abundance.”

And the more speculative one – Will we ever see E2THEBOSS return to Earth2? The man says “Maybe or maybe not, but would probably need a big reason”, even as Predict is quick to add – “I think that E2THEBOSS created something that he is very proud of. It took a lot of time and energy. His emotions ran high and that showed in the great results that occurred in the city. However, that can also take a toll on life outside of E2 because we keep those emotions with us even when we turn off the screen. Therefore, I think E2 is pleased with his accomplishments and will try really hard not to press the BUY NOW button”

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