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Crafting is live on Earth2. Spoiler: all 12 Recipes are here

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

For the new Tier 3 jewels, click here:

The Jewel crafting module just went live on Earth2 main site. Hopefully all Earth2 users have had fun crafting and discovering recipes on the Test site earlier (see:

However all users may not have been able to do it. Therefore, just as we promised on our Twitter earlier - to ensure ALL of you have the same head-start, we are sharing all the recipes E2 News discovered on the test site.

Below is a comprehensive handy sheet with all the details (#NoOneGetsLeftBehind)

Note: Some of the numbers may have minor variations due to their random nature

Edit : Instead of Cloudy one can even use 3x cracked T1 to generate a cracked Tier-2 Jewel. Sheet updated

As we can observe, there are also new Jewels that can be only generated via crafting and which require more crafting resources, but offer higher benefits as well. Some of these benefits may help in the upcoming PvP games as Earth 2 mentioned in its recent Press release (see:

Edit : Instead of Cloudy one can even use 3x cracked T2 to generate the exclusive cracked Tier-2 Jewel. Sheet updated

Happy Crafting E2!

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1 Comment

Sep 25, 2023

Can you combine a cloudy T2 with a common T2 to get a T3?

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