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FULL Tier 3 Jewel Crafting Guide

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Earlier today, Tier 3 Jewels were released on Earth 2, so we quickly put together an easy-to-understand crafting guide for all the new Jewels that will release this week. Earth 2 has 39 new Jewel recipes, including 28 new jewel types available to craft using exclusively Tier 3 jewels.

There is a new common Jewel - Anthracite (boosts coal), while the Black Jewel now only boosts Oil (from earlier Oil and Coal both). Further, all Common Jewels, the Orange and the Purple Jewels can be upgraded to T3 (using three T2s).

Here's a graphic showing how to craft new T3 Jewels. You need 9 T1 Jewels to craft a Prime T3 Jewel and 18 T1 Jewels (or 2 Prime T3) to be able to craft the new Hybrid T3 Jewels (displayed below).

Earth 2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

All the new Jewel Crafting Recipes

The table is arranged alphabetically by the New Jewel Type (Amber at the top, Zircon at the bottom)

Link to the interactive table (better resolution):

Link to the Earth 2 Test site:

Link to the Jewel crafting Page:

Earth 2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

Here's a simpler table created by Earth 2 Meta:

Earth 2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

Tier 3 Jewels will soon be added to our Earth 2 Stats page in the coming days.

Jewel Production Changes

Tier 2 properties now produce Jewels slightly less than similar Tier 1 properties. This seems to be a deviation from the Tier 1 vs Tier 2 land stated benefits only a few weeks ago, where Tier 2 wasn't supposed to generate any Jewels.

Slotting Jewels

Slotting the same Jewel type and colour on the same property decreases the effect of the increased Essence and Resources (+3% drops to +2%). This means Essence will be more scarce than before, and means it is less appealing for users to hoard Jewels, encouraging them to trade on the Bazaar.

Displayed here, you can see the singular Jamaica jewel has full potency as there are no other Jamaica jewels slotted:

Earth 2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

But, when hovering over the Sunrise jewel, its efficacy drops - this is due to there being several other Sunrise jewels slotted on the same property.

Earth 2 Jewel Crafting Recipes

Extra Slots

Single tile Tier 1 properties now have 5 slots instead of 1, in order to take advantage of the new variants. In addition, ALL Tier 2 properties now have 3 slots, instead of the previous zero on Earth 2.

Thank you very much to users Nautilus, Dim L, Aussione, Alessandro AGV and Meta for contributing to this article.

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