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BREAKING: EPLs coming in 3 Days, find FAQs here!

The Earth 2 Property Locator (EPL) is a unique global identifier Player’s can upgrade on their property. It provides a similar function as a URL to a website yet for now, in it’s initial release, is universal and more simplified. The EPL allows users to overwrite the standard cryptic identifier with a more user friendly and discoverable word or phrase. These words or phrases are unique and therefore limited and being universal will have limited availability. Moving forward, EPLs will be an integral part of the Earth 2 platform, be key in connectivity and will even have their own dedicated premium Earth 1 portal.

Upgrading an EPL on your property will make it memorizable, searchable and ultimately more discoverable to others. EPLs will not only serve purpose throughout Phase 2 but also in Phase 3 enabling users to teleport directly to your property location by inputting the reserved EPL.

The Earth 2 Teleportation System will be part of a future update and will be explained in a separate section at a later date.

Introduction to EPLs

Every Earth 2 property holds a unique EPL generated using numbers and letters which correspond with the property Deed.

Any player can upgrade their Property’s EPL to a name of their choice using the following guidelines:

  • You will need E$ to upgrade an EPL at present. Standard pricing will be E$9.95 per EPL but as a special limited promotion will be discounted to E$4.95 and will include at least 24 months before renewal.

  • At some point in the future, EPLs will require an annual renewal fee. Why are we charging? Well, this not only assists with ongoing Earth 2 general supply costs, after all we need to create sustainable longevity on Earth 2, but will also incentivize Players to actively utilize their EPL and avoid mass hoarding. Importantly, there are future plans which will allow users to sell their EPLs on an open market in addition to being able to sell the EPL combined with their property.

  • The size of the property and class of the tiles will affect what name you’re able to reserve and within those constraints the name must have a minimum length of 4-7 characters and a maximum of 36 characters.

  • Please, be respectful when choosing your EPLs as they are subject to an ongoing blacklist of blocked words.

    • When choosing a name for an EPL, all reasonable community standards in terms of respect for other people and youth protection guidelines apply.

In this regard, if we can reasonably assume malicious intent in the selection of the EPL, we reserve the right to sanction against the account in addition to a withdrawal of the EPL.

If you think a player is not respecting the rules listed above or if you have any other question, please do not hesitate to contact our Support Team

How to set up your EPL

In order to upgrade an EPL, follow these steps:

  • Log in into your Earth 2 account.

  • Open the Profile page.

  • Click to open the Property Card of the property you want to upgrade the EPL for.

  • Scroll down to the Section below the property’s photo and the Upgrade EPL button can be seen.

  • Click Upgrade EPL, a text box will appear. You can now enter your desired EPL while adhering to the requirements listed in the section above. On the right side of the text box you find information about the possible lengths of the EPL.

  • Once done, click Confirm, a notification message will appear with additional information about the process. If the EPL chosen is already in use by another user or has a match on our blacklist, you will be notified and asked to enter a different EPL.

Note that if you do not own enough E$ for the transaction, you can buy E$ in the Settings Menu of your account or earn them by trading properties or resources like Jewels.

Note: In order to prevent auto-reserving, bots and keep network traffic minimal, only one EPL can be bought every 2 minutes.

Managing EPLs

If successful, the EPL will show up in this section and you will receive a unique URL to your property which will be<YourEPL>.

Renaming the EPL after the first upgrade will require E$1.00 and your previous EPL will become available to other Players.

You can also Copy, Share or learn more about EPLs by selecting the three icons at the bottom right of the EPL section.

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