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A Well-Earned Break For Stakers: Earth 2 to Put A Pause On Validation Claims

Below is a press release from Earth 2 as it appears on the site

To say the past 3 months has been anything less than intense for Players participating in the Earth 2 Resource Validation System would be a massive understatement. In the past we promised to provide a minimum of 3 months for Players to create Resource Validation Claims and we have now almost fulfilled that promise.

Just shy of 3 months ago, we released the first version of our player validation and Essence staking system; the E2PRV (Earth 2 Player Resource Validation). Since then, players have submitted over 56,045 claims for resource validation on their properties and almost half of these claims have already been processed by the CAT.


Some Players, in particular, have dedicated an enormous amount of their time to this E2PRV Essence staking opportunity, with reports of some Players going as far as taking annual leave from work to focus on staking! We considered leaving the claim system open for a little longer than our 3 month promise, however, the health and well-being of our Players is important to us and we realised many of those participating have done so consistently with little to no rest.

Therefore, we will be pausing the ability to create claims at a random time during Monday the 17th of October, 2022 until further notice. This slight extension will provide Players with one final weekend to submit claims under the current Essence bonus system. We trust this pause will give Players the opportunity to take a well-earned break after 3 months of hectic staking.

Well done to Players who spent a great deal of their time participating. Rest soundly knowing you are not missing out on any staking opportunities, at least for the next little while. The 100% and 50% Essence rewards that were up for grabs over the past 3 months have been very unique and it is unlikely we will ever see such Essence rewards for future staking opportunities again, most certainly not over an extended period, as has been the case these past 3 months. This truly was a unique and special staking opportunity that we believe many will reminisce about in the future.

There are plans to reopen our validation system at some point in the future, but you can expect key changes such as rewards, types of claims or uses, and adjustments to the approval guidelines which have been quite lenient for the initial E2PRV. Any changes will be announced prior to the reopening of the validation system.

We are aware that some Players, especially those with larger accounts, may not have been able to validate resources for all of their properties, even though we made adjustments based on community feedback. It is our plan to allow some additional Resource Validation opportunities later on, under a new set of rules and a new, significantly lower, reward system. In the meantime, Players should focus on enjoying their break from creating claims and staking Essence, as the CAT continues to process and evaluate the remaining active claims when the paws is in place.

We thank all our Players for their participation and dedication to the E2PRV system thus far. You have demonstrated your strength as a community to collaborate with and support each other, which was especially evident with those who worked closely together. Having said that, many solo stakers were also able to stake hundreds of thousands of Essence collectively. Drop into our Discord if you’d like to talk to a few!

Your collective utilisation of the E2PRV system to validate and stake Essence has helped to inform our next steps towards modifying and expanding the system to encompass other areas of Earth 2, as has been the plan from the very beginning. We can’t wait for you to see what other opportunities this expanded validation system brings to Earth 2 Players over time.


  • Over 2,100,000 individual stakes have been made (including Active, Approved & Player deleted) – that’s over 23,500 unique / individual stakes per day on average!

  • Over 26,000 Claims have been reviewed and processed by the CAT and our Claim Approvals System

  • Over 58,000,000 Essence has been utilised (used) by Players for the purpose of staking.

  • From which over 31,000,000 Essence is actively staked or locked up, pending approval or rejection.

  • To date, more than 27,000,000 Essence has been earned by Players who staked Essence on successfully approved claims.

  • There is a total of 124,037,593.07 Essence in circulation on the Earth 2 Platform today (this does NOT include Essence actively staked).

Interesting Player Facts:

The Top 10 Players who submitted the greatest number of claims (some of the Players you stakers should be thanking!) are:

  • Seychelles with 1,100 claims

  • 나만믿어ㅡ프론트형이야 with 1,078 claims

  • OPHRY with 1,034 claims

  • 𝐏𝐑𝐄𝐃𝐈𝐂𝐓ㅡ7point5percentOFFcodeㅡ7point5 with 1,029 claims

  • you1 with 926 claims

  • Aldabra with 888 claims

  • CRYPTOAPE with 875 claims

  • FirstPro with 848 claims

  • cardcard with 822 claims

  • MansourUAE with 809 claims

The Top 10 Countries for claims submitted were:

  1. Estonia with 1,770 claims

  2. Rwanda with 1,635 claims

  3. Azerbaijan with 1,414 claims

  4. Mozambique with 1,309 claims

  5. Seychelles with 1,278 claims

  6. International Territory with 1,208 claims

  7. Suriname with 1,081 claims

  8. Iran with 999 claims

  9. Sudan with 937 claims

  10. United Arab Emirates with 782 claims

The first Players to receive successful claims for each resource type were:


Our weekly Mentar gifting event has been extremely successful since kicking off in July, with 24,746 Mentars gifted to 18,802 unique players! While the event has helped these players to gain instant Mentars on their properties throughout Spain, Mexico, Chad, France, Egypt, Canada, Singapore, Ireland, New Zealand, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands, we have brought an end to this event in preparation for the upcoming PvP + EcoSim-intro feature.

We will be sharing more details soon, but until then, this is a friendly reminder to collect your E-ther!

We have not forgotten about the 5 remaining countries left to open: Turkmenistan, Algeria, Paraguay, Hong Kong, and Saudi Arabia. We will be continuing to open these progressively, with the next release set for November.

Along with more updates on the Earth 2 validation system, our birthday month is fast approaching and we will be sharing more news on our project during that time. If you haven’t already, be sure to keep updated by following us on socials!

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