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AfterEarth releases new website... and huge data leak!

Updated: Jan 9, 2022

Update: 08/05 AfterEarth has just fixed the full name issue after a whole day of identities being leaked. Clearly there was an issue.

Main Article:

Very recently, AfterEarth unveiled its new website design, which I thought looked great.

Until the bugs appeared... Many pages don't work, buttons can't be pressed, users can't log in. The list goes on.

What's worse?

EVERY single AfterEarth player's name has just been leaked.

That's right. If you have registered for an account, any AfterEarth player can view your full legal name. Of course, I do not want to show you how to view other's names, but it is very simple to work out on your own.

Here is an account I made earlier to display the 'feature' (obviously not my real name)

See at the top. You have no control over this name. Once you have registered, you can't change it. This means that you have no privacy on this already-buggy, laggy, glitchy, and pathetic mockery of Earth2.

Many members of the AE community claim this feature was 'togglable', but I went through the sign-up process TWICE and did not see anything of the kind. I also fully explored the AE website before it was shut down to find nothing.

I warn you. Join AfterEarth at your own risk.

Peace out.

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