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A new trend is born..!

At 18:38 UTC 26th April 2021, our very own tobalobba begun a new trend in the Earth2 Official server...

Here are some of the highlights:

From tobalobba

From TheE2Guy

From Earth2 META

From Butt

From TheE2Guy (the fan favourite of the day)

Another from TheE2Guy (he really dominated here)

One from tobalobba


From TheBommer

Another from TheBommer (this is my favourite by far, love this)

From Hyperactive Music

From TheBommer

From Troex

Another amazing one from TheBommer

A double act from Hyper and Bommer!

A great one from Cala

A final one from Bommer.

I hope you enjoyed these, and maybe it made you chuckle while reading them. I certainly had a right laugh making this.

Peace out, tobalobba

Ah....Lucas... wish granted!

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