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$xx.11 bid is the code to initiate the deal ! Remember it when you see it E2

The secondary property sale market on E2 remains buoyant, however there is a problem that probably needs a creative solution - the inability to contact the property owner in-game or not knowing whether the property owner is active or not.

Additionally, this problem is now compounded by the fact that the profile names on E2 can no longer carry spaces or several symbols. Ofcourse, there are creative ways to get around this too, however majority of users who previously listed their discord names or other contact info in their profile names have removed them to avoid the hassle.

The community has come up with a possible solution. We want to designate the bids ending in .11 as signal bids - an indicator of interest in the property from the bidding party, without having to block a large amount towards the bids.

For accounts which have penny bids enabled it would need only a 0.11 or 1.11 bid, but others who have not enabled penny bids this could be slightly difficult, however still allowing for the lowest possible bid price and ending in .11. Obviously it assumes that it wont work for cases where the penny bids are disabled and the asking discount is more than 70%. However this mechanism should still be useful for a large number of cases.

The proposed solution also allows users to bid on many properties as well, because the signal bids (xx.11) make it possible to show interest in multiple properties at once without having to provide for the full amount for all properties. Once the counter-party sees the xx.11 bid it knows the bidder is interested in the property and could respond with with an appropriate counter-offer hopefully culminating into a negotiated deal. Therefor the xx.11 bid simply is an initiation signal and any response helps the bidding party to know that the current property holder is active, has seen their bid, and there is a possibility of negotiation.

We want you to spread the word if it helps people to improve the deal making experience in-game till such a time when we have tools to communicate with property holders in-game, which would then remove the need for the said creative solution.

Happy to hear any feedback.

ZEU$ out.

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