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Wolfgang Walks - Earth 2 CCO Leaves

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Today, it was uncovered that the now-former Earth 2 Creative Director, Wolfgang Walk, is no longer part of the Earth2 Team.


While we do not know the entire story behind his departure, his statement on Facebook says:- "The Difference between what I see in the project and what the company sees in it was just too big".

Some of these differences have been visible, for example Earth2 has announced that Essence will be tradeable between players and will carry a dollar value therefore. However Wolfgang may have been opposed to the idea. Below except from E2 Official discord shows this -

Wolfgang adds that he is still under NDA and cannot talk more on the subject, however he shares that most of what we see on the Earth2 platform is basis his design principles and also that he has done considerable work on yet to be released features on the platform.

Some people also have the theory that probably Earth-2 may have signed him for a time-limited contract, and now that contract seems to have not been renewed. However, we will know the complete story only if and when Earth2 comes out with an official statement. This comes not long after Ralf Adam quit Earth 2 for undisclosed reasons.

Wolfgang Walk's LinkedIn has been updated to a different position and he added an end date to his E2 position. His LinkedIn profile also features an #opentowork badge.


E2 News wishes Wolfgang all the best in his future endeavors and we can say without a doubt that we will miss him. He adds that he is looking for interesting projects to join, however in the meantime he is happy to relish a stress-free pre-Christmas season.

What Lies Ahead?

Losing Wolfgang can be quite a shock, and his talents will definitely be missed by, While we feel there is no immediate threat to the continuity of the Eath2 project - basis Wolfgang's own admission, that he already has done a lot of work which would be on the release pipeline a few months down the line, but it remains to be seen how Earth2 fills this void.

Having said that, Earth2 may already be looking for his successor. In the meanwhile, we notice that Wolfgang's prodigee Marco, who until now assisted Wolfgang on the Earth2 project, has now been promoted, and potentially will be taking on more responsibility within the game design vertical - especially after Wolfgang has left.

The hunt for the new CCO may be on, however, given the stature and seniority that Wolfgang had within the Earth2 team, we feel may want to be proactive in addressing and updating the userbase around this development before any potential FUD.
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