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What kind of platform do we want?

Nobody who has been active for the past week can have missed this at this point.

Stolen properties being returned to their original owners after a couple of accounts got hacked back around December/January. This has sparked a debate in the community, especially among those who bought properties, flipped them, and now face a negative amount in their balance.

Is this handled correctly? Why should those who unknowingly bought tiles from the marketplace and made a good deal be affected? Some have been voicing concerns and think that the developers should have paid from pocket to solve this issue.

However, if truly thinking this over it is quite simple actually.

We need to ask ourselves what kind of platform we want. With the overall picture in mind, it’s not hard to defend the action that the developers decided to make here.

Earth 2 has had a great start so far, but also a very rocky one. With all the success came also the problems we all have experienced. Users are naturally affected by this in every way. That is something everyone who decides to invest should be aware of before even thinking of

putting their money in any start-up.

The majority of the user of this page want to see the project succeed and an overwhelming number of people have clearly stated that they are here for the game and long-term goal. This means they don’t intend to sell or withdrawal anytime soon. Instead, they are reinvesting any profit into the game and holding most of their purchases while rejecting any bids made, no matter the numbers.

Those are the people who see Earth2 for what it can become in years from now and they can all agree that safety is to be prioritized before quick gains. Most would be willing to lose small to possibly gain big later on. That’s why they put money into this idea, to begin with.

Earth 2 has been called many things. Everything from the future of our presence online to a scam, and while most who read this would defend the founders on any fraud accusations we are all painfully aware that actual scammers and hackers are drawn to pages like this for several obvious reasons.

The developers have for the past weeks voiced clearly that one of their main priorities before taking this project further is to make Earth 2 less attractive for these types of people. And here is the deal: Returning stolen properties to their rightful owner is the only solution that won’t benefit anyone but the victim of the scam/hack. Thinking of it long enough and going through every possible solution it is very clear that the developers have the interest of long-term investors as a focus and this should be reassuring for everyone after what we have witnessed here.

All other solutions that have been suggested open up more possibilities for scammers and hackers rather than the opposite. While it’s never nice to lose money because you bought a flipped property that happened to be stolen it’s still great to see that if this ever happened to you, you can make sure that justice will be served and every tile returned to you.

As long as people have a long-term goal these arguments will weigh more than anything else. The developers have once again given us proof that they work for this platform to be here for many years to come and that we can count on them to prioritize and act accordingly.

So, for all the disappointed users who feel cheated of their properties, it is time to rethink and adapt. How can we in the future prevent things like this from happening again and meanwhile make Earth 2 less appealing for those who have come here to take advantage of others the way we have witnessed since launch?

My personal number one rule is to always check the history of the tiles I buy. If I see that a 0,01 purchase has been made I will first see if it’s from any of the known giveaway users. If not, I see if I can somehow find the user online and ask them about the property, but the majority of the time I have just decided not to purchase. Will this make giveaway tiles less desirable? It might, but that’s a small price to pay for the overall safety of the community.

If you decide to buy a property even though it clearly has a very shady history, just be aware that it might affect you later on.

This might sound upsetting for some, but I believe that the time for a mindset of quick gains has to come to an end pretty soon and be replaced by the sensible and considerate people that this community is blessed with. We have so many people who have come together and strives for a secure and healthy platform as far as possible.

If this is not you there are better places elsewhere for you, but Earth2 has made another step towards stability and a stand for durability. Make it known.

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