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VERIFICATION coming to Earth2!

This update may be small, but it continues Earth2's effort to protect buyers, giving them additional clarification on whether a user is legitimate or a bot.

In addition, many of the bugs highlighted upon the Jewels release are expected to be patched in this hotfix.

View the list of bugs here:

Verification, and how to do it yourself.

  1. Head to the settings page of the Stage-2 Website: (the 'verify account' button will be greyed out)

  2. Turn on 2FA, and set that up using your respective authenticator app.

  3. Click on 'verify account' which should now be in green (seen below), and follow the process, using your Passport, Driver's License or ID card. It will ask you to take a photo of yourself, so make sure you have a webcam. (or alternatively verify your account on the mobile website)

4. Wait for your account to be authenticated (should only take a few minutes if done correctly), and your profile should show a 'verified' badge with a green ring around your picture. (seen below)

When will the update be available on the main site?

Shane recently tweeted that it will hopefully be by next week.

Perks of being verified:

- Gives users more security when purchasing from you (more sales)

- Option to allow bids only from verified users

- Less risk of getting scammed and your account frozen

I would highly suggest verifying yourself as it only takes 5 minutes, is done through an external provider (earth2 can't see your info), and provides much-needed confidence when making purchases.

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