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Who Does Shane Isaac Follow? founder Shane Isaac has only been on Twitter since December of 2020. In that time he has managed to amass nearly 2,500 followers and his tweets are dissected by Earth 2 faithful for days every time he puts one of his cryptic messages or photos on the Twitterverse.

If you'll look at his profile page, however, you'll notice he is only following two. Who are these lucky two? One hint, it's not @E2News (come on Shane, we're the source of all the big news about your masterpiece!).

One, is fairly obvious if you think about it. It's the official Twitter account @earth2io - the other is not so obvious but is if you think about it for a moment.

The key thing to note on his 2nd follow is the business affiliation. @Mapbox, a key partner with in developing the framework for the game. Gunderson spent 10 years as the CEO of Mapbox and recently transitioned to Chair of their Board of Directors and Chief Strategy Officer.

The big question is who will Shane follow next? Will it be @E2News (It should be) or one of those anonymous billionaires he met with recently? Stay tuned to E2.News as we'll always keep you on top of all the important news (like Shane Isaac's Twitter followers!).

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