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Thomas' Earth2 Community Stream (Oct 31) - Key take-aways

Thomas returned after a break for a yet another but possibly the last E2 community stream. However the good news is that Thomas would be working on the official E2 community stream which would replace this current format and added he will be updating his plans on twitter whenever he is ready. When asked about E2's anniversary he didn't say much on whether there are any plans for or not.

While he couldn't provide a clear answer what happened, he said that on the community side of things nothing has changed, and it will be business as usual. While playing this down, he added that there was really no drama to the exit of Vicarious, and since he was away when it happened he doesn't have a clear update.

On META (Facebook's recent re-branding)

Thomas said he thinks their concept is more like VR Chat rather than a game or open world, but it remains to be seen what they come up. He doesn't see the Facebook Metaverse coming out before a couple years at least.

What's New

Thomas said some 'cool things' are coming. However he said he cannot talk about it much since he is not allowed to. He added that he is personally happy with what he sees.

Update on bugged and locked countries

He said both are being worked together and soon there could be an announcement once the fix is released. A full package of fixes/updates concerning countries is coming, he added.

Another Update to UI

Earth2 is working on improving the layout of the menu buttons. Thomas discussed a particular case where the 'How to', 'News' and 'Support' buttons were hard to find particularly when the user was logged in, and they are working to include these to make them easily discoverable.

New Egg Winners

There were some Easter eggs that appeared in several terrain images accompanying various E2 announcements since the initial egg hunt happened. Thomas confirmed there were 6 such winners (each for a different egg), and they would soon announce the same.

Update on Badges

In his earlier streams Thomas had discussed the concept of profile badges - which are awarded basis some in-game achievements. He showed us a prototype of this. He added a disclaimer that the image shown is for illustrative purposes and actual badges could be these or even something else. Additionally, this is something that has to be discussed with the developers yet.

Illustration of the Earth2 Profile Badges concept

The Folder concept

Some Earth2 users who have a large number of properties had requested whether we can have a feature where users can group the properties under a folder for ease of navigation. Thomas said he discussed the idea with Earth2 designers and they liked the idea. He shared an illustration on how he visualizes the concept and asked for community feedback. Users would be able to create folders and organize their properties.

Additional Property Filters

Some users had asked for additional filters for the map view tab. Thomas showed an illustration and said he would discuss this idea with the developers and come back.

Some Fun

Thomas opened a mystery gift box on the stream that Liz had sent to Thomas, which contained several cool items.

Finally, before signing off, Thomas said his next step is to work on the E2 official stream. He said he will start working on the structure and content of the stream and iterate with the community managers before discussing it with Shane and the dev team on how best to go about it.

The full stream is available here:

E2 News wishes Liz a very happy birthday and a very happy Halloween to everyone!

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