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The E2 Alliance

A description by Anonymous...

As you enter the waiting room, you are instructed by a posting on the wall to “Please have a drink from our fine selection of bourbon”. Fine words like leadership, community, integrity, and respect plastered all over the waiting room. This is all but a clever ruse as you find out that TechOps merely wants to feature your Mega City on the Guidebook Gaming Twitch stream…

After looking around, most people decide to stay… partly because of the glass of bourbon and mostly because it looks like ZEU$ is running the place anyway. Browsing the list of channels,

you see all of the usual suspects; Alpha Kingdom, Dorkslayer, Wakanda, The Kraken, Akrotiri Peach Colony, etc… It’s like a who’s who of troublemakers!

Let’s not make any judgments just yet… It appears that there has been lots of discussion regarding core values and a mission statement. Ethereal Shogun from Etherea Colony fame has rolled all of the hours of discussion into a Virtual Constitution of sorts. There is a genuine effort to do something around here… Very suspicious. And all the time wandering the halls, not a single troll insight, civil discussion at every turn. This place is an enigma for sure.

I think I see how this place works though… Apparently, the leaders of the community have gathered to unite themselves in a positive direction for the future of Earth2 and the citizens of this new nation/state/virtual planet. The environment seems inclusive. Content creators, PvP Military, Musicians? Have you heard of Oliver Jones Music!? I mean look over there… It reads… “Turkish Republic Proj…” [eyes widen as the realization sets in… The Turkey Gang is here as well].

This whole thing is a lot to take in. At least Predict, Violet Adazé, and LedgeAndary have had the sense to not… Oh, wait… But Randy Chavez would never… Even that nice robot from Robot City? BEPPSS33? ... They are all here !

I suppose resistance is futile….


-You can contact ZEU$ for info though

-(definitely not a TechOps shenanigan)

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