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Dealing with AML & CTF

I know what you're thinking. What is AML & CTF? To answer your question, it means Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing.

Governments and law enforcement agencies have been aware for a number of years that globally used games that have the capability to involve real world monetary transactions can be used for those in society who would prefer to do us all harm either directly or indirectly.

The countries are generally united in a counter-crime stance and readily share information to other nation states in order to investigate suspect person(s) in any country.

Be cautious – if people ask you to engage in conduct that might seem to be stretching the rules of the game, you may be engaging with someone looking to take advantage of you. As I have provided previously, you are dealing with real world money and people will do many things in order to get more of it.

Don’t for a second think that the owners or developers of Earth 2 will protect you or your information from scrutiny by any agency from around the world who has issued them a lawful notice to provide information.

People doing illegal things rarely, if ever, do them thinking they will get caught. Every jail around the world is full of people who didn’t think they would ever get caught. Simply, you never know who is watching or looking nor why they are watching or looking or who they are watching and looking for. Say that ten times fast...

That is the third thing to remember – income you take away from the game, and your in game activities, may be scrutinised by agencies other than your home countries tax office.

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