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*Editor's Note - the views of the author are his opinion only and do not reflect the views of the E2.News team*

There are some important things to remember about Earth2. The real world and the virtual world are joined – and they are joined by you.

Here we are, standing on the precipice of a new virtual world. Like in the movie Ready Player One, the ability to be and do as we choose is close enough you can almost smell it. Let's leave what may be aside for the moment and take a reality check. You live in the real world. You need to eat, sleep, work, pay bills - all the things that living today consists of. The real world has rules. You don’t need to like these rules, but you do need to abide by the rules of the world you are living and existing in.

I want to provide some free advice to you on real world rules and give you some food for thought on how to apply that to Earth2.

It’s just a game

Since the beginning of Earth2, some people have seen it as an investment opportunity. FOMO, get rich quick or die trying. The site went viral unexpectedly and as a result huge amounts of money were coming into the platform. The developers have enabled that sort of growth and it is built into the game.

Many people don’t seem to understand that Earth2 is just that - a game. It is not a financial product and is therefore outside regulations relating to, or that define, financial products.

You get no financial advice coming in, during your time on the platform or when you want to sell your properties and leave. The Earth2 developers make no attempt at getting to know your financial situation or financial goals or aspirations.

The developers have made no statements about financial, capital or investment performance – either good or bad. Growth can just as easily turn to loss and you have no recourse for being provided poor financial advice. Win, lose or draw, it is a game and nothing else. In Australia, where this article was written, pouring your money into Earth2 would not be defined as an investment, and nothing in Earth2 I have seen is a financial product and, as such, the owners or developers of Earth2 are not financial service product providers.

That is the first thing to remember with Earth2. You are not making an investment - you are playing a game.

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