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The Art of Screaming Names

Written by Resin the Cold One

It goes without saying that the time lapsed between updates and the early phases on E2 (When Phase 2?) provided a lot of time for speculation and creativity. Enter, SECS (Supremely Exclusive Club of Screaming (Names)), an invite only group of the wittiest, most creative, and wholesome members of the community.

From screaming names in capital letters, to meme generation, A new group formed from the quirky realms within the E2 official Discord.

Created in early August, members would scream each others‘ names in Caps-Lock. This may have derived initially from many Twitch streams in which the facilitator acknowledges its audience via text chat (See TechOps at Guidebook Gaming). What a day and age to be alive where the common everyday user (Or elite community member) treats each other like their biggest fan. It goes without saying that THIS is the community engagement that E2 needs and deserves whilst we all wait eagerly for "E2 to the moon".

It isn't an uncommon concept for many of E2's users to bring the hot and cold banter amidst calls of "Scam" and the new user base asking questions relevantly. That's where "SECS" comes in with the heat, swordplay and good times to come in a world of naysayers and competitiveness.

Add a drop of limited edition merchandise, an ever-growing group that also brings news, information with great accuracy/speculation and perhaps some ludeness that may or may not be questionable depending on your cultural identity.

Founded by Tobalobba, the editor of E2News, SECS in its infant stages has brought the likes of Developers, Moderators, trivia players and meme masters alike. Now I found myself writing this article in recognition of such fantastic users, idealizing the positivity and antics of a group solely invested in E2.

Look out in your community for the SECS banner and it's members, soon to be a force to be reckoned with it's ideology. I'm sure you will recognize it's members with the textual screams, exclusively reserved for those who have higher stakes - more than your average tile buyer.

Notable mentions go out to the SECS members:

Seike, the handsome one.

K-Dizz, E2's very own community aficionado.

Kelvan Gwee, our southern hemisphere chicken feet lover.

Turnip Farmer, trivia extraordinaire and overall nice guy (must be an Aussie)

Toba, our British general and creative genius

And yours truly, Resin, Who makes strategic moves with a single meme(sometimes)

Keep your eyes out for a friendly SECS member in your community. 👀

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