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South Korea breaches $20/tile

The journey of South Korea on E2 has been almost unbelievable. Not long ago South Korea was not even in top 10 countries and today its sitting a very comfortable #2 on the country leaderboard for most tiles sold.

One of the reasons attributed to South Korea's meteoric rise is the strong gaming culture in the country. As per latest Alexa analysis South Korea contributes over 27% visitors to which is the highest for any country, and has surpassed the US which contributes 23%.

The question is will South Korea now surpass the US ? South Korea with 532k tiles sold is still 70k tiles short of the US - and their gap has been reducing slowly but gradually. However, the US tile prices actually correspond to more tiles sold than what we currently on the country leaderboard. If you would remember one of our earlier stories 30k tiles vanished from US stats ( Therefore the actual gap to reach the tile prices of US is actually ~100k tiles which South Korea needs to sell if it will catch up to US.

Going by the tile price algorithm which approximately corresponds to,

Tile price = 0.1 x e^(Tiles sold/100,000) // e~ 2.718

If we go by this equation, the South Korea tile price (532k tiles sold) corresponds to ~$20.4 where it sits currently. While the US tile price with 604k tiles sold should correspond to ~$42, however its actually ~$57, which corresponds to ~635k tiles sold - the mismatch probably explained by the 30k tiles that vanished.

The pricing algorithm also implies that South Korea will have to see fresh purchases of over ~$3.5M to catch up to current US tile prices. Not impossible, but could take a while maybe still. All said and done, the Korean community and anybody else who invested in South Korea early-on could have made a very decent return on their investments, and we'd like to congratulate them all!

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