50,000+ Tiles Mysteriously Vanish

*Disclaimer - the stats from earth2stats.xyz are pulled directly from the Earth2.io website according to the site operator, but E2.News can not with 100% accuracy verify their legitimacy*

Five days ago, the United States number of tiles sold went from just under 630,000 to approximately 595,000. The following pictures from earth2stats.xyz show this mystical disappearance of tiles:

Another 20,000 or so tiles vanished from the United Kingdom and other countries have experienced some drops as well. So what happened to the tiles? Was it a scam account that was wiped? That seems to be the only logical explanation. If the tiles were removed, why was the USA and United Kingdom tile price not adjusted downward? We'd love to hear your theories of what happened in the comments below.

"Question Vanishing" by h.koppdelaney is licensed with CC BY-ND 2.0.

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