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So, you have some money, but what to do next on Earth2?

The real problem for me is what to do with my $1000. What should I buy? How to approach an investment considering the information I have?

I'll do a rationale on the strategy I believe is a good strategy to consider.

First of all, let's see what are the facts:

Cheapest New Land in already opened countries is $0.422 / Tile at the moment of writing this article.
We already have very well established colonies & mega-cities around the world.
UAE was opened and "consumed" as expected. I'm aware of the emotions and frustration around the event, I even wrote about it, and, despite all the fuss, I believe it couldn't have gone another way. The interest in Earth2 is too big, people are desperate to get some new land, and, expect technical issues any time they release something new.
We know how price increases with every new land purchased.
We know they will release Essence and EPL claiming in the following weeks
We know they are reviewing marketing proposals from various agencies to prepare their advertising campaigns.
We know they will start advertising after Essence release is stable.

Now, let's see what are the assumptions that can have a significant weight in the decision to spend the $1000:

We will have Phase 2 released this year with basic to medium complexity in-game economics. Wolfgang is working on it and we know he can do some mind-blowing mechanics in this regard.
We will have Essence as the first resource and all land will generate it.
We will be able to claim EPLs which will be something amazing, but we don't know the exact use cases for it.
We will be able to buy Essence if we need more. But we don't know how exactly.
With prices increasing exponentially with each new land sold, the marketplace seems to be a very important place to buy properties, especially with Class 1 land completely gone and Class 2 almost gone for top countries.
We will have Class 1 to 5 as "high classes" and we will have a "base class" for tiles with specific functions. But we don't know yet details on how Land Class will work (except for the LIT we get for Class 1, 2 and 3 we own).
We have Ads that will probably stay where users will be able to advertise their E1 and E1 businesses.

Considering the facts and assumptions, how should I "analyze" a purchasing decision?

I found myself in this position to have some credits in my account and decide to buy some more. It was simple at the beginning, because, well, "Let me go for some plots in a megacity". But then I realized that with the same budget I could go and buy more tiles in a cheaper country. Then, the next question I had was "why buy new land in a cheaper country if I can buy from marketplace the same number of tiles, or more?". And, finally, after a few hours lost in the marketplace the final question was: "But what country should I buy in, since there's so many good offers?"

Here's my simple approach to a strategy, structured in a set of rules based on the facts and assumptions I've listed above.

The 5 fundamental arguments for my strategy:

  1. Based on the assumptions, it's clear that everything will release in the coming weeks and months will create hype for both existing and new players.

  2. Based on the fact that they will start advertising consistently, it's clear that new players will join and experience the same hype we all had when we first joined.

  3. Based on the fact that Earth2 will have an agency to run their campaign, it's clear that the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) will be tailored in a way to persuade new users to buy despite the somewhat prohibitive price per tile to join the game.

  4. Based on the fact that megacities are confirmed to be important in the game, new users will have an interest in joining the other users in these projects.

  5. Based on the fact that price is still low in a lot of countries (below $1 per tile / below $100 per 100 tiles property) new users will buy new land just to have their own design or preferred location secured on the map.

The 5 steps to have a decision:

  1. Make a list with top 10 cheapest countries right now.

  2. Estimate the total tiles in that country by using territory area in real world.

  3. Make sure there are still enough free tiles in that country to be bought when new users will join, enough to triple the current tile price. Join AGV to learn how.

  4. Check the marketplace and get top 5 offers in each of the 10 countries that fit your budget

  5. Buy the property that bets suits your needs (I prefer properties that are close to other properties. Even if we will have the possibility to reshuffle tiles in the future, we don't know the rules exactly, so I prefer to buy closer to other players. If the property is in a megacity, even better!)

Leave your thoughts in the comments and if you liked this and you're a millionaire, just..

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